World Intellectual Property Organization

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United States of America

Phone :  1-202-239-7008 / 1-954-271-6002    Email:

Representative of the Holy See Vatican: Ambassador Dr. Enrico de Barbieri.


Inter - Religious Cooperation Representative: SS. Patriarch Nicolas l. Archevêque de Paris.2 rue Clouet 75015 ParisTel:(33) 01 43 06 19 34mail: orthodoxyfrance@msn.com  Chapelle Cathédrale Notre Dame de Tendresse 2 rue Clouet 75015 Paris Tel 0143061934 mil:


Israel: His Excellency Rabbi Ytzchak Goldstein Admir advisor, Rabbinical Judge in Israel State, Dean of Diaspora yeshiva University Web: Address: Mount Zion - Jerusalem Israel, Moshav Metzad. Chief Rabbi of Mount Zion - Jerusalem Israel.


Florida Department of state: Department of State Filing 6327 Tallahassee, FL 32314 



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