Inter-Religious Cooperation

The ADMIR Inter-Religious Cooperation an international multi-faith Council with the purpose of engaging religious leaders on the ground to cooperate and ADMIR to assist them in deleting the vacuum created between the religions. The IRC has been chosen with a great care in order to solve the emerging issues. that era has now passed,it is the vacuumbetween convictions that commands more and more of our attention. Even in a world where religious often clash and sometimes cooperate, we are learning that the vacuum between convictions is also a vacuum with its own challenges. Today IRC has a network on informed and connected ground religious leaders work for bringing peace and religious tolerance. IRC helps these leaders by providing training for assisting them in preaching information through their schools, Madrassas and learning about peace and cooperating with other religious.

IRC aims

. Create Mutual Understanding between Muslims, Christians and Jews

. Understand and assist the problems of ground religious leaders

.Engage religious teachers of Schools and Madrassas for disseminating information of peace and religious cooperation

. Bring together Governments and religious Leaders

. Engage week long workshops where grass root leaders of different religions from the same country can participate and stay with each other in order to strengthen their working relation on the ground

. Take out research papers on the ground situations of countries in pretext of religious activities

.Organize same religious events, where religious leaders of same faith from differentparts of the world can meet and cooperate in the future

. Organize networking dinners in different regions for different religions to interact with each other