His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Amilton Gomes De Paula (Brazil)

H.E. Dr. Amilton Gomes De Paula. Honorary Member for Brazilia Federal District. Rector of Faculdade Batista do brasil. Web: Ph.D in Educational Sciences, Ph.M Systematic Theology, Systemic Clinical Specialist for Families, Couples and Groups, Specialist Mental Health Therapeutic Techniques, Specialist in Psychoanalytic Theory, Undergraduate Psychology, Bachelor of Philosophy, Director of the Center psychotherapy of Service and the Research-CAPEP, President of the Psychological Society of Midwest – SOPSICO, Member of the Brazilian Society of Neuropsychology-SBNP, Member of the Brazilian Institute Psychological Assessment – IBAP, Member of the Association of Children’s Neurology and Psychiatry and related areas – ABNPI, Despertalista Member of the Society of Rio de Janeiro – SDRJ, Member of the Society for Medieval Philosophy – SFM, Member of CBP-Psychoanalysis, Member of the Association of Psychosomatic Medicine-ABMP Member of the Brazilian Society of Psychology Brazilian Council for – SBP, Member of the National Baptist Convention of Brazil. Doctorate in Educational Sciences. Evangelical University of Paraguay, UEP, Paraguay Title: Contribution of Psychology in Education, Year of production: 2010 Advisor: Prof.. Gilmar Cristiano Oliveira

1998 – 2000 Masters in Systematic Theology. Baptist College of Brazil, FABE, Brasilia Brazil Title: Divine Christification and Fertilization, Year of production: 2003 Advisor: Professor Antonio Dias de Sá

2010 – 2011 Specialization in Psychoanalytic Theory. University Center of Brasilia, UniCEUB, Brasilia, Brazil Title: CBT. PSYCHOSOMATIC 3rd MILLENNIUM HEALTH CONCEPTS BY FREUD Advisor: Prof.. Samuel

2009 – 2010 Specialization in Mental Health and Therapeutic Techniques. Faculty of Environment and Technology, FAMATEC, Brasilia, Brazil Title: Diagnosis in Clinical Psychoanalytic Advisor: professor Abimael John Orlando Santos

2007 – 2012 Undergraduate DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY. Catholic University of Brasilia / Faculty of Human and Health Sciences, SESPA, Minas Gerais, Brazil Title: Depression in contemporary society Supervisor: Therese of God Fonseca

2004 – 2007 Degree in Education. Faculty of Earth Brasilia, FTB, Brasilia, Brazil Title: Education in the Hospital Setting Advisor: Prof.. Jose Henrique de Farias

1996 – 1999 Degree in Philosophy. John Calvin School, Brazil Title: History of Philosophy and their contributions Advisor: Prof.. Jose Henrique de Farias

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