Her Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Geralda Aparecida Nogueira. for Brazil.

Psychology: Integrated College Newton Paiva Complete (BA / degree) (Psychologist training - Psychoanalysis) - year 1995. Law: Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais - PUC Minas - Contagem Full - year 2010. TRAINING Psychoanalyst - Participant and Member of the Study Group on Psychoanalysis with the Educational Association Miesperanza - Rio de Janeiro PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - Coordinator of a Creche in SERVANTS entity for 04 years. - Services provided in the Registry Count protest during 05 years. - TJMG - Contagem Forum, Employee for 20 years (working in various sectors and functions: (Coord SISCON; Coord Clerk Distributor; 4th Civil Court, 3rd Civil Court, 2nd Criminal Court; Assistance in the Office of the Judge and typing in... hearing; Secretariat of the Class Appeals Judges, as can be seen in already submitted documentation) CURRENTLY:.. Small Claims Coordinator of Count County Conciliation And one of the worshipers of the courses for the Juvenile Court Conciliation Count County (Authorized by TJMG ) when hired from within the region. Conciliation and Mediation teacher by the Conciliation's Court of the District Count. - Consulting and Training companies - many themes related to administrative matters and personnel, As demand for improvement and or dissolution of daily conflicts. - Medical services - private practice (Target Audience: Teenagers and adults) in the city of Contagem MG Major Area: Humanities / Area: Psychology / Subarea: Jurídia Psychology and Psychoanalysis. It is the Attorney General MIESPERANZA Didactic teaching and Analyst of MIESPERANZA. And Regional coordinator of the Psychoanalytic Society Miesperanza Member of the Regional Council of Psychology OTHER: - POST-GRADUATE - Psychology For IESDE. - PSYCHOANALYST - Participant's Study Group on Psychoanalysis with the Educational Association Miesperanza - Rio de Janeiro CRIMINOLOGY - ACADEPOL - Duration: 02 years - OPENING DAY OF PSYCHOLOGY OF JUDICIAL M / G "The LEGALITY SUBJECTIVITY". (EJEF - Judicial School Edésio Des Fernandes.) - 1st SYMPOSIUM OF LEGAL PSYCHOLOGY MINER (Regional Board of Psychology) - "A DRUG USE PREVENTION IN SCHOOLS" (Acadepol / TJMG) - "RESOURCES IN CIVIL PROCEDURE" (EJEF -. Judicial School Edésio Des Fernandes TJMG) - "CONCILIATOR VOLUNTEER OF RECONCILIATION's Court" (EJEF - Judicial School Edésio Judge Fernandes). - VARIOUS COURSES IN DIFFERENT DATES, taught by - the district Contagem Forum.

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