His Excellency Honorary Member Prof. Dr. Carlos Mario Neyre Abad. Republic of Peru.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTION AND / OR UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC DEGREE OF DOCTOR 1. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Ecole Superieure Internationale de Bruxelles (Belgium) 2. Doctor of Science in International Business Administration (Dr.Sc.) University of California - Los Angeles - (. USA) 3. Doctor in Human Resources Business University of Costa Rica (COSTA RICA) 4. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the Board of Education Iberoaméricaen agreement with The City University of New York (USA) and Polytechnic University (SPAIN) 5. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (DCP) Iberoaméricaen Council agreement withThe Universidad La Republica (CHILE) and the University of Cundinamarca (COLOMBIA) 6. Doctor of Divinity (DD) Universal Church Monastery - (WA-USA) - Independent Catholic Church ACADEMIC DEGREE OF MASTER 1. Master of Science in Internet Sales and Marketing (M.Sc.) University of Seychelles Buxton Pty. Ltd. (BRITISH COMMONWEALTH) 2. Master in Business Administration (MBA) University of California - Los Angeles (USA.) 3. Master of Public Administration (MAP) Empresarial University of Costa Rica (COSTA RICA) 4. Master in Management Council Iberoaméricaen agreement with the National University of La Rioja (ARGENTINA), UniversidadNacional Asuncion (PARAGUAY) and Cosmos (BOLIVIA) University 5. Master in Health Sciences University Empresarial de Costa Rica (COSTA RICA) 6. Master in Educational Management Council Iberoaméricacon University Eloy Alfaro (ECUADOR) and Catholic University of Manizales (COLOMBIA) TITLES AND PROFESSIONAL DEGREES AND / OEQUIVALENTES 1. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Harvard University (Boston, USA) - Studies validated. 2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Third Superior) Private University Garcilaso de la Vega (PERU) 3. Bachelor of Administrative Sciences University Private Garcilaso de la Vega (PERU) 4. Obispo. Equivalent to a Master and Ancient Orthodox Holy Universal Church 5. Priest (Priest) Equivalent to a Bachelor Ecumenical Community Corpus Christi - Independent Catholic Union (USA) 6. Minister of the Gospel (Deacon) Equivalent to a Bachelor Ecumenical Community Corpus Christi - Independent Catholic Union (USA) POST-DEGREE, DIPLOMA, CERTIFICATIONS 1. Graduate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Psychology Private University San Martin de Porres. PERU 2. Title of Manager MAA-I (GERMANY) 3. Master the Art of Krav Maga International Martial Arts Association (EUROPE) 4. Master / Sifu Kung-Fu Shaolin Kung Fu Dragon World Federation (CHINA) 5. Philosophy, Metaphysics and Comparative Religions School of Philosophy New Acropolis - PERU 6. International Certificate MASTER level Instructor - Streetfighting International Martial Arts Association (GERMANY) 7. Instructor Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense Martial Arts Association International (GERMANY) 8. International Tactical Instructor Certification Training MAA-I Security (GERMANY) 9. Certified Instructor Anti-Terror Street fight MAA-I (GERMANY) 10. International Certified Instructor in Fast Defense (Prevention of Violence and Conflict) Martial Arts Association 11. International Certified Instructor Range Anti Terror System - ATS MAA-I (GERMANY) Honorary Degrees Doctor Honoris Causa 1. Daniel Alcides Carrión National University (PERU) 2. Doctor Honoris Causa Latin America Latin American Council, Ministry of Education and the Council of Rectors of Panama (PANAMA). 3. Technological University Doctor Honoris Causa Iberoamerican Aragon (MEXICO) 4. Doctor Honoris Causa Empresarial University of Costa Rica (COSTA RICA) 5. Doctor Honoris Causa Honorable World Academy of Education 6. Doctor Honoris Causa National University of San Martín, Tarapoto (PERU) 7. Doctor Honoris Causa University International Euroamericana (SPAIN) 8. Doctor Honoris Causa National Confederation of APAFAS (PERU) 9. Doctor Honoris Causa University of Iquitos (Peru) 10. Doctor Honoris Causa Carrión Graduate School Silvaner (PERU) 11. Doctor Honoris Causa College of Post Graduate Studies Mexico City (MEXICO) 12. Honorable Doctor Principium Dignitas World Academy of Education, National Assembly of Rectors of Peru 13. Doctor Dignitas Principium CIHC, National Assembly of Rectors (Peru), Association of University Presidents (ARGENTINA) 14. Doctor Ad eundem Gradum West Coast University (PANAMA) honorary Titles 1. Appointment of Honorary Ambassador State of Hutt River (AUSTRALIA) 2. Appointment of Special Envoy diplomatic status Hutt River (AUSTRALIA) 3. Honorary Professor Institute of Higher Education Gastrotur (PERU) 4. Honorary Professor at Universidad Empresarial Costa Rica (COSTA RICA) 5. Lecturer in Business Studies University of Seychelles Buxton Pty. Ltd. (BRITISH COMMONWEALTH) 6. Professor Emeritus Universal Church (California - USA) - Independent Catholic Church 7. Appointment of Protector of the members of the Commission Humane Society - Royal Society of Officers HONORS, AWARDS AND RECOGNITION 1. Presidential Champion Award, Diploma, Gold Medal President Barack Obama (USA) 2. Award The Best of Peru 2011, Trophy, Diploma Academy of Doctors of Peru and Engineers Association of Peru. 3. Award of Merit Teaching and Education, Diploma and Medal Educational Consortium Light System (CHILE) 4. Educational Laureles APAFAS 2011 National Confederation of Peru. 5. Laureles Education 2012 National Confederation of Peru APAFAS 6. International Certificate of Education Excellence Honor Ibero-American Council for Quality 7. Recognition as Educator Excellence APAFAS National Confederation of Peru 8. Diploma of Honor Civil Pasitos Association of Fe (PERU) 9. Mother Teresa Medal, Diploma and Resolution Sowing Values (PERU) 10. Prize for Peace - World Peace Messenger Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA 11. Sportsmanship Award Martial Arts Association Beijing (CHINA) 12. Diploma and Gold Medal - Diploma and Medal Diplomatic Academy of Peru 13. Diplomatic Medal and Accreditation Member Special World Parliament for Safety and Peace (ITALY) 14. Peace Medal - Diploma and Medal Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA 15. Honorary Award Federal Republic of Germany (Germany) 16. Sultan Award: Medal of Merit SultanAli A. Umpa - Royal House of Kapatagan 17. Service Award, Medal and Diploma SCANDINAVIA 18. Humanitarian Award Royal House of Kapatagan Valley 19. Certificate of Appreciation SheikhMeeshalFahad Al-Anezi (KSA) 20. National Diploma and Medal of Honor "Peruvian Patriotism" Flag Peru (Peru) 21. International Certificate of Educational Quality CIHC 10020, Honorable World Academy of Education. 22. Master Award dedicated to the Martial Arts International Martial Arts Association (GERMANY) 23. Medal Award for Real Sociedad Cooperation Group of Officers 24. Diploma for Graduates in College Lecturer Administration Peru 25. Awards and Recognition RSDHPM - WOMA- International Group 26. Letter Volunteer Services Card by President Barack Obama, White House (USA) 27. Diploma Award for Voluntary Service Council President and ParticipaciónCívica Service (USA) SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES 1. SeminarioReturning to Learning Capella University - Minneapolis USA 2. SeminarioMaking the Graduate School Decision Capella University - Minneapolis USA 3. Speaker at the Conference "High Quality Education and Professional Development" University of Washington - Seattle (USA) 4. Speaker at the Conference "Opportunities of Professional Development" | University of Washington - Seattle (USA) 5. Speaker at the Conference "Career Opportunities" | University of Washington - Seattle (USA) 6. Speaker at the "Enrollment in the University of Washington" Conference | University of Washington - Seattle (USA) 7. Conference: "Corporate Governance" Association of Graduates in Management Peru 8. Lecture: "Business Success"; Association of Graduates in Management Peru 9. Conference: "Strategic Planning and Business Organizations" Association of Graduates in Management Peru 10. Conference: "Marketing for Health Care Organizations' Association of Graduates in Management Peru 11. I Operational and Security Seminar School of Civil Aviation of Peru. EDACI Instructional Unit - Air Force of Peru 12. Operational and Security II School of Civil Aviation of Peru Seminar. EDACI Instructional Unit - Air Force of Peru 13. International Seminar "Management of Organizations of Private Security: The Future of Industry in the Region" National Society of Safety 14. Participant Cycle Keynotes: The Best of Management Capitalnet and Harvard University (USA) 15. International Seminar Marketing Service for Business College of Business Administration and Economics, California State University (USA) 16. International Seminar: Marketing Strategy based on the value of the MarcaUniversidad INCAE (Costa Rica). 17. Lecture: "Process Management" Association of Graduates in Management Peru 18. Course "Information Technology" Chamber of Commerce of Lima 19. Speaker at the Conference "Professional Development - Future Goals" Association of Graduates in Management Peru 20. International Seminar: Developing customer loyalty Catholic University (Chile). 21. Certificate of Participation V Summit Educational Quality UGELs 3Ministerio of EducaciónPerú 22. Project Management Conference Pacific University - Graduate School (Peru) 23. Speaker at the Conference "Development of Experimental Aviation in Peru" Country Club Lima Hotel 24. Professor Specialization Course "Organization and Management of the Sales Team" - University Americas (Peru) 25. Management Seminar "Metal Detectors, Breathalyzers, metal detectors and explosives" CADDIN 26. Short Course Teacher Specialization: "Internet Marketing" Buxton University of Seychelles Pty Ltd. (BRITISH COMMONWEALTH). 27. Certificate of Exhibitor of X FórumNacional Management School, Culture and Sports Promotion - Ministry of Education of Peru 28. International Telecommunication Conference "The Impact of Telecommunications Globalization" Pontifical Catholic University of Peru 29. Conference "Telecommunication Engineering Societies in the XXI Century Universidad Carlos III (Madrid - Spain) 30. Teaching of cursoFormulación and processing, Faculty of Marketing and International Business Projects - Peruvian University of the Americas 31. Teaching, Faculty of cursoMarketing Advanced Marketing and International Business - Peruvian University of the Americas 32. cursoEconomía Professor of International and integration, Faculty of Marketing and International Business - Peruvian University of the Americas 33. Teaching, Faculty of cursoInvestigación Markets Marketing and International Business - Peruvian University of the Americas 34. Instructor in the course ConstituciónPolítica and Human Rights Authorized by the DICSCAMEC - Ministry of the Interior of Peru 35. Instructor in Licensed Professional Ethics course DICSCAMEC - Ministry of the Interior of Peru 36. Authorized Instructor Course Documentation for DICSCAMEC - Ministry of the Interior of Peru 37. Course "Police Counter-subversive" Directorate of Education - National Police of Peru CURRENT ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY 1. Rector of the Old Catholic Church Templar Ecumenical Community Corpus Christi - Independent Catholic Union (USA) 2. Holy Obispo, Old Catholic Orthodox Church 3. Archbishop St., Old Catholic Orthodox Church 4. Metropolitan Archbishop Metropolia Eslava Diaspora Abroad - Orthodox Church. 5. Metropolitan and Protojerarca Antigua and Apostolic Orthodox Holy Catholic Church. 6. Recognition as Bishop Community Traditional Anglican Churches International (UK) 7. Territorial Prior to Peru Catholic Order of the Temple Templar International Catholic-Mastership (SPAIN) 8. Seven Patriotic Society Honorary President of June (PERU) 9. Honorary President Chinchaysuyo Cultural and Academic Center (PERU) 10. Honorary President National Association of Musicians of Peru 11. Holy Order Knight Commander of the Body of Christ (USA) 12. Appointment Office of the Coordinator Michael Pope - Vatican in Exile (USA) 13. Certificate of Executive Member Order of Knights Templar of Britannia (UK) 14. Letter Patent Knight Templar Order of Knights Templar of Britannia (UK) 15. Ambassador to Peru Suffolk University - Boston MA - (USA) 16. Member of the extent to Manta House of Culture of Manabi Eloy Alfaro (ECUADOR) 17. Member Order of San Benito OSB- (USA) 18. Certificate of investiture as a Knight Templar Order of Knights Templar of Britannia (UK) 19. Member Certified International Black Belt Body (EU), World Council of Black Belts 20. Member of the Legion of Courage Martial Arts Association (GERMANY) 21. Member Emeritus World Parliament for Safety and Peace (ITALY) 22. Socio Aeroclub of Peru 23. Counsel Government of La Molina - Lima (Peru) 24. Honorable Member of the Board of Officers and Real Sociedad Priority Honourable Members. 25. Director of Economics College of Management Graduates in Peru 26. Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning Hutt River Province (AUSTRALIA) 27. Associate Member American Association of Aeronautical ALA (USA) 28. Member Association of Graduates in Peru Administration - Reg 0587. 29. Socio Adherent Society Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Health, Medical College of Peru II.-EXPERIENCE 1. UNIVERSITY OF Silvaner Inc. SAC Institution, founded in the Republic of Panama Peru 2007 and 2012. Presidentedesde the 2,007 - now what I drive two hours daily. POLICIES AND Establishing standards for College Department of Institutional agreements and Academic and Administrative areas PERUVIAN INSTITUTE OF AVIATION 2. EXPERIMENTAL. Institution founded in 2006 by sport pilots. Give a Flight Simulator (terrestrial coach) with Certificate Program for Commercial use. He teaches Sports Racing and / or Virtual in its various areas. President PART-TIME 2006 - 2007 (AREA MANAGEMENT) Responsible for the management and procurement of equipment for aviation. Responsible for providing different options for people interested in aviation. Raising funds for the acquisition of a modern simulator (unique in Peru) which is used in the Colombian Air, Naval Air Colombia, Ecuador Air Force, Washington State USA., Etc.) Force. Training the only institution dedicated exclusively to the experimental Aviation, with the projection of light aircraft construction in two years. 3. PERUVIAN UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS Peruvian private university, in time was 3 working careers and was still under assessment CONAFU, so there was not even the position of Dean, was equivalent Career Coordinator Career Coordinator (DEAN) Management and International Business FULL TIME 1st. semester 2007 (EDUCATION AREA) My work here is divided into 2 areas, 40% I used to administrative and control (Responsible for making and evaluating Syllabus of the course work; having coordination meeting with teachers, parents care; check the progress of the teachers, visiting classrooms to observe teaching, Etc.) the other 60% of my work was lecturing to students 6th. And the 7th. Cycle (no 8vo. Even) • Correct and update Syllabus of all cycles, as they were not up to standard, or ordered. • Achieve fellowship among teachers. • The entertaining and with strong participation of students, classes esteem and desire to learn climbed 4. SECURITY SERVICES COMPANY SRL SANECE. Company founded in 1988, dedicated to the field of Security Companies by Private Security Agents. Services Company authorized by the DICSCAMEC and the Ministry of Labour. Its main customers were Embassies and Universities. Administrative Manager FULL TIME 2004-2007 (AREA MANAGEMENT) Staff Supervision in their task of providing good service, participation in meetings for decision-making, appointment of Heads of Units and reporting. Please inspectors of the Ministry of Labour, Dicscamec, Sunat and Municipality. 2 times a year Organization of Instruction Courses. • Develop training plans and improvements to 100% in training. • Closing service contracts with universities and embassies. • strong decrease in the rate of labor turnover (less than 2% annually). • Customer loyalty, which have contracts for more than 10 years with the company. • Improved level of quality services in more 400% improvement teams and 300%. 5. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (SEATTLE - USA) University founded in 1,861 cataloged in 16th place worldwide and 4th in academic quality. There Aeronautical Laboratory, planetary Observatory, scientific Barco, Nuclear Reactor, Stadium to 70,000 people and 218 buildings in total. International Marketing Associate PART TIME 2005 - 2006 Specialist INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION Counseling and Mentoring for Applicants and Students of the University. Lecturing at professionals from all areas. Organization and exposure of up to 4 monthly conferences, with approximately 200 people in each: Generation conventions and conferences in various professional associations (Association of Graduates in Business Administration, College of Architects). Getting students enrolled at the University. 6. SECURITY SERVICES COMPANY SRL SANECE. Company founded in 1988, dedicated to the field of Security Companies by Private Security Agents. Services Company authorized by the DICSCAMEC and the Ministry of Labour. Its main customers were UniversidadesEl Embassies and handling was between 100-200 employees. Chief Of Staff FULL TIME 1988-2003 (AREA OF HUMAN RESOURCES) Recruiter training, recruitment, employee exit interviews, contracts, applications, benefits the worker, motivational activities and warnings, coordinate with the IPSS, Ministry of Labour, Dicscamec, and supervision of staff. • Organization Personnel Department • Implemented process and admission control. • Develop training plans and rules of procedure. • Management of annual training for all staff. 7. MERCURY COMMUNICATIONS EIRL. Company dedicated to telecommunications systems Administration Manager. FULL TIME 1994 - 1998 Responsible for the Management of Customer Service and verify compliance with accounting tasks. Coordination with Telefónica, OSIPTEL, Ministry of Communications and banks. Company representative at meetings of the association and others. Making arrangements for obtaining the concession Peruvian State. Permanent contact with US suppliers and local. • Development of Telecommunication Systems such as telephone, paging (beepers) and additional telephone services value. • Closing interconnection agreements with Telefónica and Obtaining a concession for a public telecommunications service under contract with the state for twenty years. • Manage weekly training vendors, coordinating with the sales manager for assessment results. • Implementing a sales system with consumer credit, credit cards and finally a direct credit it was the same company • Organization 0-808 lines and voice processing systems, so that the company continued due to the disappearance of the beeper. Optimization of distribution and sales. PUBLISHED BOOK III Internet Marketing. (2,005) IV LANGUAGES AND INFORMATICS: Spanish Native English - University of Washington - Seattle - Test UWOELST 2007 Level: 4 (70/100) Management of Windows XP, Vista, 7, Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Microsoft Project, Page-Maker, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Front Page, Skype, World Cast, WS-FTP, Antivirus, Utilities etc.

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