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Our Ambassador Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen is a member and Sponsor of Science & Diplomacy and is the representative of Admir there.

The nexus between science and diplomacy has grown increasingly important as both the international relations between countries become increasingly complex and the scientific endeavor expands globally. The term and concept, "science diplomacy," has gained currency at the highest political levels. To catalyze a strategic approach to the use of science diplomacy in its different forms and to help build a diverse community of stakeholders, there is a need to coalesce and distill the current ferment.

Science & Diplomacy provides a forum for rigorous thought, analysis, and insight to serve stakeholders who develop, implement, or teach all aspects of science and diplomacy. The open access quarterly journal features a mix of original perspectives and research articles by science and diplomacy practitioners and thinkers from U.S. and international perspectives in areas of science for diplomacy; science in diplomacy; and diplomacy for science. The journal strives to be a resource for foreign policy makers and analysts, scientists and research administrators, and educators and students. Unsolicited contributions are welcomed.

Science & Diplomacy is published by the Center for Science Diplomacy of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's largest general scientific society. The Center has been one of the recognized global leaders in driving science diplomacy and is the only organization dedicated to promoting, operationalizing, and supporting the intellectual development of science diplomacy in the foreign policy and scientific communities. All articles, perspectives, and letters are signed and reflect the authors' opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS or of the institutions with which the authors or the editors are affiliated.

The Center is grateful for the financial support of the Golden Family Foundation in helping make Science & Diplomacy possible.

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