H. E.. Dr. Francisco Leite. Honorary Member for Mercosul.

1-Graduate Degree in marketing from the Pontiff Catholic University - PUC

2- advertising by AMERICAN Advertising

3-philosophy from the Federal University of Goiás

4-judge arbitration by DE TJAEM


5-graduate in law from the arbitration Lutheran college.

6-former president and founder of the business group Kadosh Brazil.

7 Member of AMCHAM (American camera)

8-honored by the town hall of Sintra-Portugal as an honorary citizen.

9-winning Brazil Featured trophy.

10-course diction and speech therapy in clinical Amadeu stolen.

11-course neurolinguistic programming with Dr. Lair brook, a professor at Harvard university.

12 former director of CARICON, (foreign trade camera Caribbean)

13 Bachelor in Business Administration from UNIG

14 master's degree in financial management from the Université Libre des Sciences I'homme of De Paris-France.

15 doctorate in tax law from the Université Libre des Sciences I'homme of De Paris-France.

16-doctor honors cause in administrative law by Einstein College (FACEI)

17-doctor honors cause in religious philosophy from the theological faculty international Antioch

18-doctor honors cause in international tax law from the University Immanuel kant.

19 - commendation Dom Pedro I the academy of letters Machado de Assis.

20-current president of New Century International Group SA

Masonic activities

1 Member founder of Great Orient of Goiás / COMAB

Active two-member Lodge Adalardo France Son having held various functions.

3-second current vigilant

4-ex-venerable Lodge Ultra Antonio Chagas.

5-Ex-large general secretary of foreign relations

6 Great-current General Secretary of the guard of GOG seals

7-advisor to the Special Grand Master of the Grand Orient de Goias.

8-active member of the Chapter Rose Croix (grau15)

9 special aide to Lieutenant Commander place of the Supreme Council of the Grades 4-33 of ancient Scottish Rite and Accepted Goiás to Brazil.

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