H. E. Dr. Marcos Galvao Pereira Honorary Member. Degree in Civil Engineering (1989-1994), graduated in Physics and Building Technology (1997-1998) from the State University of Maranhão.MBA in Project Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (2008-2009) and Specialist Expertise and Environmental Audit from Universidade Gama Filho (2004-2005).Professor of Physics Course in Sciences of the State University of Maranhão (2002) in the Teacher Training Program.Professor of Technology of school buildings Technical State of Maranhão (2000-2003).Professor of physics of high school of public and private state of Maranhão (2003-2008)Civil engineer the framework of the Federal Savings Bank, acting as Project Manager Federal Public Sector (beginning in 2003).Supervisor of the State Fund of State Secretary of Housing of the Government of Maranhão Cities (2009-2011) and the Growth Acceleration Program Technical Coordinator.Special Adviser of the Maranhão State Government Procurement Central Committee and Consultant Company of Maranhão Port-EMAP Administration (2011-2014).Coordinator of the PAC Historical Cities Historical Heritage of the Institute for National Artistic - IPHAN, the city of St. Louis (2014 to the present day).Director of the Department of Special Projects of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Maranhão (beginning in 2015).State representative of the National Association of Engineers and Architects BOX - ANEAC (2004-2006)Priest and Gnostic Instructor of the Gnostic Institute of Anthropology of Brazil (2004-2011).Mason of the Grand Lodge of the State of MaranhãoMember of the Rosicrucian Fraternitas Antiqua Rosicruciana in BrazilMember Martiniste and Frater Lucis the Gnostic Church RosicrucianMaster Illuminatus Major, Sovereign Prior Maranhão and Sovereign Foreign Delegate Illuminati Order InternationalVice President of the New Wolrd Party - NWP

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