We are sponsors and supporters of the National Defense Foundation. The NATIONAL DEFENSE FOUNDATION was founded on the premise that there is a distinct need for accurate research on matters of national security, veterans affairs, and homeland security, conducted by independent nonpartisan military veterans who have been a part of these systems, which can then be used as factual information for education on the subject matter at hand. NDF seeks to be THE “Think Tank of Choice” for accurate, unbiased information in all these areas. Almost everything available in these areas today is all-too-often opinion couched as fact, or the research is done by those who have never used the weapons systems in question, or by those who have never been to the combat areas under review. Or done by non-veterans who have never served within these personnel policies and veterans programs and been an actual participant in these programs in order to experience firsthand what really happens, rather than what the brochures and PR statements “say what happens”. NDF stands for TRUTH and HONESTY. NDF stands for TRUST and CONFIDENCE. And NDF stands as THE Think Tank that IS the catalyst for changing and fixing systems that don’t work through factual analysis, and for supporting systems and equipment that DO work, again through facts and with analysis by those who have actually been a user of these systems and equipment.NDF also seeks to be a catalyst for mutual cooperation and the exchange of information through it’s networks and with other Think Tanks whereby we can share each others research and written materials and give them wider distribution and circulation, all to the greater efficiency of all of us who seek to provide the truth as effectively, efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible through our mutual cooperation.

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