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The motto "To be and not be registered". With certainty we can say that the members of the Order Sancta Fides had, at all times, contacts and relations with the ancient Sancta Fides Equestrian Order of Mercy of the Pelican, born as an exclusive Monastic Order of Chivalry, is now made up of both lay Knights ecclesiastici.E 'structured on an Order, operantenel world with their Magisters all Christians led by governors who follow the dictates and the spiritual rule of Sant'Antonio Abate but belonging to a unicoOrdine. Birth of this Order, and noble chivalry, there are very few findings as deliberately not made for reasons of humility; it has always been done partly confused with various enlightened movements; the most poignant of which, perhaps, was the one with the Rosicrucians with which it shared the illuminating thought in his universal vision of Christology, and had cultural exchanges with both various peoples with different religious confessions.

All these exchanges, always kept confidential in full respect of individual freedom, they are served the Order to expand, disseminate and strengthen its granitic faith. The Order Sancta Fides believes, and rightly so, to be the heir of true spirituality is that of the noble traditions of chivalry of the Knights of the Temple Monks or poor Knights of Christ, in fact: the Order of the Knights of the Temple, founded in 1118 in Jerusalem, born certainly not only for the defense of the Temple, but above all for the pursuit of universal truth, for cultural exchange and for the application of true charity; for example, receive and assist pilgrims in penitential journey it was just one aspect.

The Order of the Temple was later deleted, as everyone knows, in 1312 with the bulls of Pope Clement V Pontifical (the Papal Bull Vox In Excelso of March 22, the Papal Bull to Providam of May 2 and the closing of the Papal Bull considerantes Dudum May 6 the same year). And 'commonplace believe that their suppression occurred since the Templars had become too powerful, incredibly rich and therefore persecuted by the French King Philip the Fair, who had the sole purpose to confiscate the accumulated wealth.

It should be immediately clear that those mentioned are the contributing factors, but the truth and that the Templars had, over time, completely disregarded the characteristic elements of their original monastic rule were: in addition to the pursuit of knowledge through the application of Christology-universal tradition, the realization of philanthropic and cultural activities aimed at teaching and the exercise of the Theological virtues with specific reference to the application of true selfless charity for all people. These were the original core elements that were to differentiate them from other historians such as the Teutonic Order Crusaders, the Knights, the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, and other, Rhodes, Cyprus, etc.

The Templars retained only stops the individual monastic rule of blind obedience, so much so that over time, the organization was transformed into a mighty war machine, and the business area with part of the monks transformed into ferocious and bloodthirsty fighters and others in cunning and ultra-greedy operators economic;all members of, among many other things, definitely abandoned the charitable act. Some Templar, after the definitive abolition of the Order of the Temple and following the death of the last Grand Master Jacques de Molay took place March 18, 1314, lived secretly keeping alive only a fraction of culturali.Oggi traditions are witnessing a proliferation of orders Templars that have little or nothing to do at all with no or poor pricipio ancient original true templarism

The aims and their purpose in modern times also resulted in several Masonic initiation and organizations today, both in Europe and in the Americas, and other parts of the world, operate, there are today, as mentioned, diverse organizations that refer , according to them, the "Knights Templar" and operate as associations, although officially recognized, in legal terms, but based on an unnamed humanist ideal - Christian, devoted, mostly, to works of opportunisici interests rarely patronage, to culturale.Tutti those true original values ​​are now also disregarded by many other orders pseudo modern and contemporary Knightly.

Only very few Knights of the Equestrian Order of Sancta Fides, the Pelican Pietà, who decided to operate in silence and in full risservata humility, cloaked by a sense of mystery risservato making the assumption that they were originally fascinating repositories of "Light ", ie a state of wisdom and spiritual fulfillment that seems you questioned them above the common human sense, because for the most part from the possession of a culture and humanistic sensitivity and greater civic although in 'humble act.

In 1640/1648 the Equestrian Order of Sancta Fides, for the protection of enlightened knowledge granted by the Divine to humans and to achieve the Universal Cristiologia came together, reconstituted and strengthened by His Eminence, Cardinal Mazarin, Giulio Raimondo and among the many things made from 'Order at the time, recognized probe by' enlightened figure of Cardinal. That taken as a symbolic example and point the figure of the pelican.

He was responsible, among other things, the serene opportunity, within France, the profession of faith of 'Orthodoxy; he recognized, sepur from the outside, even Protestantism which respect for free choice; restored the original values ​​needed to Universal improvement of Cavalry, in full adherence to the necessity of the invention, spiritual renewal, he traced the program guidelines for the implementation of the priorities of the sacred profane as opposed to the now attained spiritual material power by a certain clericalism.

Cardinal Mazarin, Giulio Raimondo led, in an enlightened manner and with the utmost confidentiality, the Equestrian Order of the Holy of Fideis -Pietas Pellicanus. Today abandoned risservata discretion, it has become increasingly the vehicle for an Enlightened faith, in the spirit of humanitarianism Universality once, and then embrace all faiths and or doctrines, as long as the show called dignity to support works of charity for the people neediest. L 'administration of this onerous task now was hired by two noble families. Historiography by Anatole +

"Antiquae Militiae Equestris Sanctorum Quattuor Coronatorum Ordo monasticus Templi- Academy Sancta Fides" for brevity AMES constituted by public deed in Milan in 2004 In view of the work done and the interest shown both by the members, both from third parties, for which manifestly has taken the social acclaim in operations benefico- successively registered at the Pub. reg. Milano 1- No. 62291/29125 of date 06/08/03 by notarial deed filed court in Milan.

The asseblea regularly constituted: on 18.11.2012, decided the following: In order to give greater force to the operation carried out to date, while maintaining intact the original dictation and then the legal recognition, decides to become operational also as " Congregation ", therefore the assembly majority has decided to accept the wording of some variants, to give life to a congregation, with the purpose aimed at charities and dissemination of the Faith.

Which is called: "Orthodox Catholic Congregation in the West titled" Sancta Fides. " Regularly, legally registered on 22.11.2012.

Registered in the database of civil society-DESA United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and regularly accepted and registered in the portal "VOLUNTEER IN EUROPE" of the Department of agriculture policies Europe.

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