H. E. Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevsky. Honorary Member to Slovak Republic, and Republic of Ukraine. Office headquarters of the International Human Rights Community operates on the basis of all principles of the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted resolution 217 A (III) of the General Assembly on 10 December 1948, the humanitarian articles of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 1975 and other international laws and is fully ready to respect and protect human rights and to promote respect for human rights worldwide and its activities are aimed being decisive to consolidate his efforts for ensuring, within the scope of international cooperation, high level of coordination and responsibility in the issues of human rights world over, in order to promote creation of cooperation networks and economic development programs in world and protect human rights and promote respect for human rights.Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi currently Head of office and Chairman of the Board of"International Human Rights Community" (IHRC) and in addition the President of the "International Fund Support of Ukraine" EU and Major-General of National Coordinating Committee Anti-Corruption, Central Office.Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi participates in the work of sectoral groups in United Nations: High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Sector on provision of non-food and humanitarian assistance, UNDP - Livelihoods and Early Recovery Cluster, United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine - Sector for Legal Protection, UNISEF - Division of Child Protection (CPWG).By Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi was organized participation for "International Human Rights Community" as an international observer in the monitoring of early presidential elections in Ukraine May 25, 2014 (CEC Decision May 14, 2014 № 567) and early elections of people's deputies of Ukraine October 26, 2014 (CEC Resolution October 13, 2014 number 1714).International Human Rights Community has been monitoring for early elections of people's deputies of Ukraine October 26, 2014, not only in Ukraine, but also in Japan, Russia, Israel, India, Romania, the Czech Republic and other countries.At the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Ukraine October 26, 2014, international observers from the "International Human Rights Community" and personally Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi, made monitoring elections in the Donbas in areas where the fighting took place.2 International Human Rights Community and Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi is participating in the Inter-Agency Coordinating Staff at the State Emergency Service in matters related to social security of Ukrainian citizens who moved from the temporarily occupied territories and districts of the antiterrorist operation and has been involved in the preparation of proposals, which have found practical application in paragraphs Peace Plan of the President of Ukraine and Minsk arrangements from September 5, 2014.In terms of support for planning national strategy for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the development and implementation of legislation related to the problems of IDPs in social and economic spheres International Human Rights Community to monitor and make recommendations to the Law of Ukraine "On the legal status of persons who were forced to leave the place of residence due to the occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol and circumstances related to the anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Ukraine", Law of Ukraine "On creation of the free economic zone of the Crimea and the peculiarities of economic activities in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine" and others, also conducts ongoing monitoring of current laws that are accepted Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.As part of anti-terrorist activities Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi was directly involved for monitoring in respect of participation in armed conflict in eastern Ukraine on the side of the terrorist groups of mercenaries from among the citizens of the European Union, Serbia and other countries. The revealed facts of participation of European citizens as mercenaries in armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, the International Human Rights Community is drawn through the Embassy to the governments of those countries whose nationals are identified as fighters on the side of the terrorist organizations, in order to give a legal assessment of the actions of these citizens. IHRC also monitors: Compliance by the parties to the conflict in Ukraine Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines (Ottawa, 1997.) and do not use them by parties to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, monitoring of kidnapping and torture hostages by terrorist in the Donbas, countering human trafficking, kidnapping and attempted to prevent the illegal export of orphans from eastern Ukraine to the Russian Federation and monitoring the humanitarian situation in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, human rights monitoring IDP's and other groups including that remain in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas.Given the problematic issues in the overall UN mine action assessment and on the basis of international practice and applying the international standards that exist today in mine action under the supervision of Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi held events and training courses and training to prepare professionals in the field of cleaning the area from explosives that ensure the safety of civilians in the conflict zone and cleaning of territories contaminated as a result of the fighting.Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi as the Head of the headquarters of IHRC concerned about the coordination of the measures to improve awareness of the need to protect the rights of people affected in Ukraine and provides a large number of people equal opportunities 3 to gain access to reliable and useful information.As part of the activities of Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi holds the organization as the first independent international specialized TV channel for coverage of human rights for the protection of human rights organizations - International specialized TV channel "TV Human Rights Community - news, analytics, digests" to become a platform for information campaigns, showing the world the results ongoing and completed projects in order to talk about the human rights situation in the world.Today, given the challenges that are relevant in Ukraine, Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi is one of the initiators for the creation in Ukraine of the interdepartmental working group, comprising representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police, the State Migration Service, State Border Service and other bodies concerned with the involvement of experts institution of civil society for combating illegal migration, human trafficking, counter-terrorism and other negative phenomena in society.At the international level, the question of the need to initiate the international community through the United Nations, under whose auspices create Specialized International Independent Committee of the United Nations in combating terrorism, illegal migration, which would coordinate, coordinated joint action with other countries, and provides effective control illegal migration, terrorism and other negative processes that are connected with it.Applicable Dr. Kostiantyn Zolotarevskyi approach contributes to the development of priority in the protection of human rights and democracy in Ukraine and helps to prevent the deterioration of the situation in this area and protects the people who are most at risk, and allows for an information campaign in Ukraine and Europe, supporting her in accordance with the requirements of the EU and the world community.Contact: E-mail: Skype ID: kkkzolo Facebook: php?id=100008075235952

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