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Due to likely increases in interest rates, the rising interest payments on our national debt make it is unlikely the U.S. will be able to balance its budget ever again. Foreigners will eventually stop lending to an irresponsible United States and the Federal Reserve will continue to create fiat money to fund massive deficit spending. Success in this environment will require people to structure their income and assets so that the tide of an inflationary future sweeps them to wealth instead of financial despair.

The American Monetary Association is not an investment advisor and are not selling products or services. We are a non-profit organization that helps to educate people about the fundamentals of success in our emerging world of irresponsible government, massive deficits and monetary expansion. We support a system of financial success that is based on the ownership of real assets that are financed with long term fixed-rate debt and produce regular income. This will allow investors to benefit from irresponsible monetary policy as it pushes up the nominal value and nominal income certain assets while “outsourced” interest payments remain fixed, providing investors a natural arbitrage.

At the same time, we also understand that short-term factors like high unemployment, de-leveraging by financial institutions, and weak consumer demand create deflationary pressures. We support a strategy that is optimized for both long-term inflation and short-term deflation. By focusing on cash producing assets, fluctuations in market prices can be deflected if the assets are purchased with fixed-rate financing as the cash flow allows investors to ride out the market value changes since their debt payments are fixed and the cash flow allows them to carry the financing indefinitely.

By subscribing to our free newsletter, podcast and RSS feed, you will receive regular insights and analysis that will help you to become prepared for a future that is driven by irresponsible government and massive monetary malfeasance. At The American Monetary Association, we believe that monetary expansion is likely to cause inflation, but also support a strategy of being prepared for both inflation and deflation, since the future is unpredictable. Take action today and take your personal education to the next level.

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