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United States of America

His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Professor Jose Torquato Severo (Brazil)

His Excellency Honorary Member for Brazil, Dr.Professor Jose Torquato Severo. Graduation in Medicine, University of Rio Grande Brazil; Fellowship in Neurology and Neurosurgery, Porto Alegre City, Brazil; Master in Education;PUCRS Pontificia Unversidade Catolica (University), Porto Alegre City, Brazil; Ex- Professor of Neurology PUCRS Brazil; Ex- Director of School of Medicine Pontificia Universidade Catolica PUCRS Brazl. Brazilian Army Official, Cavalry. (Colonel acctually: Retired). Address: Av. Luiz Manoel Gonzaga, 23 dep.1102 CEP 90470-280- Porto Alegre City, Brazil. Phone:(55) (51) 98053015 and (55) (51) 3737 0786

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