His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Professor Jose Torquato Severo (Brazil)

His Excellency Honorary Member for Brazil, Dr.Professor Jose Torquato Severo. Graduation in Medicine, University of Rio Grande Brazil; Fellowship in Neurology and Neurosurgery, Porto Alegre City, Brazil; Master in Education;PUCRS Pontificia Unversidade Catolica (University), Porto Alegre City, Brazil; Ex- Professor of Neurology PUCRS Brazil; Ex- Director of School of Medicine Pontificia Universidade Catolica PUCRS Brazl. Brazilian Army Official, Cavalry. (Colonel acctually: Retired). Address: Av. Luiz Manoel Gonzaga, 23 dep.1102 CEP 90470-280- Porto Alegre City, Brazil. Phone:(55) (51) 98053015 and (55) (51) 3737 0786

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