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ICF is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with TIN#13-1664048. AICF in Israel is an Amutah with the highest marks of distinction.

In Israel, AICF is known as “Keren Sharett” and “Keren Tarbut America-Israel.”

The mission of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation is to support and develop artistic life in Israel by awarding scholarships and grants. By encouraging Israeli artists and supporting institutions and programs, AICF makes a vital contribution to the cultural foundation of Israel and strengthens her relationship with the United States. We aim to:

Identity and support talented children in all areas of the arts in Israel, especially remote areas Enrich the level of arts education throughout the State to maintain the highest standard of excellence in teaching Recognize the changing and varying pockets and areas of talent and target the best in each art form Award scholarships to Israeli students of the arts in the disciplines of music, art & design, dance, film & television, and theatre and grant to dozens of partner institutions helping nurture the best in Israeli culture Build a broader coalition of supporters to promote Israel’s culture as a positive international tool Serve as a resource, internationally, for the best of Israeli culture, connecting local cultures to Israel Inspire partner organizations to join our cause and support Israeli arts — cultural, educational, artistic, religious, communal, and social service oriented institutions In order to achieve our mission, our current, concrete goals are to:

Build a larger Board and donorbase advocating for the needs of Israel’s culture on all levels Expand our alumni network, connecting our past and present recipients with others who can offer career guidance and mentoring. Increase both the number and scope of AICF events internationally with an eye towards providing a springboard for those artists supported by AICF scholarships as well as sharing Israeli culture with an increasing audience. Expand our Periphery Encouragement and Enrichment programs, which improve Israel’s artistic infrastructure in areas that have limited access to teacher-training. Enhance our early and mid career support so artists have opportunities they otherwise cannot accomplish on their own As a thriving 74-year-old charity, our work is recognized as the standard of artistic excellence in Israel. Our success is evidenced by the increasing talent and depth of Israel culture, and the fact that Israeli culture is growing and thriving even in a difficult economy.

Our organization goes through an annual overview of our fundraising and programmatic goals, with the primary purpose of maximizing staff and office effectiveness and the overall effectiveness of our programs. This is achieved through a financial analysis of fundraising and marketing efforts throughout the U.S. and in Israel, comparing with other organizations and with previous years, all against a benchmark set by our annual strategic plan review. Though our staff is small, with three full-time and two part-time employees in the U.S. and four full-time employees in Israel, we continue to exceed fundraising expectations and expand our impact, even in these difficult times. Our current major focus is on Board development, expanding our artist network, and creating a new coalition of sustainable funders of culture.

Since 2008 when we suffered major losses to our endowment, we have tripled our donorbase, doubled our Board, and built an international network bringing Israeli culture to hundreds of thousands of people. We serve as a resource to find artists of all disciplines and levels. As we move towards our 75th Anniversary in December 2014, we are a stable and growing organization with a new lease on life. Our programs and goals are reviewed by the leading artists and guiding cultural groups in Israel and the types and number of scholarships and range of programs are constantly reviewed and re-evaluated. We truly are, and have always been able to facilitate, “Israeli artists for Israeli culture.”

Detailed descriptions of our strategic plan and programmatic review are available upon request to David Homan, Executive Director.

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