We are partners of Federacao Brasileira de Krav Maga e Kapap. Teacher Veruilson Nogueira, out of the Krav Maga Bukan School (willingly and private reasons) in 2010 decided to follow his path, keeping many international contacts with teachers and Krav Maga and Kapap organizations. Getting bring to Brazil the OSKM – Organizacion Sudamericana Krav Maga – which is headquartered in Argentina, representing it throughout the year 2011 as OSKM Brazil. In 2012 the need to create a Federation to develop our work in Krav Maga and Kapap arises, in addition to partnerships with other National and International Institutions teaching Krav Maga and Kapap and respect other styles of Martial Arts and Self Defense and create a constant commission (composed of Krav Maga teachers and Kapap) study to aggregate the expertise that is best and effective for the development of Krav Maga and Kapap. With much effort, and disagreements, thus was born the FBKMK, whose pillars: Hierarchy, Discipline and Respect to all practitioners of Krav Maga and Kapap as well as other modalities, either martial arts or defense systems pessoal.Como all already know, even pictured in previous posts in this very blog, was created ABKMK, by Professor Franck Mascarenhas to give all necessary support activities of FBKMK the national and international level.


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