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At a time when our country faces historic challenges, including increasing global threats and turmoil in the Middle East, the unique bond between the United States and Israel is more essential than ever.

Presidents and Prime Ministers

Presidents and Prime Ministers
American Leaders on Israel
Close strategic, economic, political and diplomatic ties between the United States and Israel further U.S. interests, promote regional peace and enhance the security of both nations.

The United States and Israel share the same values and a common commitment to democracy and freedom. Israel is America’s most reliable friend and only democratic ally in the Middle East, one of the world’s most volatile and important regions.

Pursuing Peace
Israel has only been recognized by two of its 22 Arab neighbors, but that has not stopped the Jewish state and the United States from working together to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Fighting Terrorism
Israel is working with U.S. government and private entities to develop technologies and equipment aimed at thwarting terrorism and safeguarding citizens from both nations.

Military Partnership
The military partnership between the United States and Israel has helped both countries keep their soldiers safe, strengthen their militaries, and protect their homelands.

Technology & Innovation
Bilateral ties in trade and technology launched in the 1970s and cemented in the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement of 1985 have yielded groundbreaking advances and joint economic growth for the two allies.

Energy & Environment
The American and Israeli governments, as well as private business ventures in both countries, are partnering to promote new energy solutions and ensure our long-term energy security.

Shared Values
Commitment to democracy, the rule of law, freedom of religion and speech and human rights are all core values shared between the United States and Israel.

Strong Allies
The United States and Israel have shared a special bond since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. President Truman and the United States was the first country to recognize Israel, only 11 minutes after its founding.

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