His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Mario Colli

H. E. Honorary Member to Central America. Prof. Mario Colli. Pela PhD University of Humanistic Americas-USA, (1992-1994) Psychologist, Department of Psychology, Military Hospital Marianao, Havana. Deputy Chief of the Department of Psychology. (1994-2005) Department of Specialized Treatments, Addictions Department of Psychology, Head of Service Alcoholism Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Hospital of Havana. (2006) Head of School of Psychology, Cerro-Fac Sum Headquarters . Psychology, University of Havana. (2007) Professor, Department of Psychology, Chair: Groups, Processes, Dynamics. Universidad Francisco Marroquín. (2007-2014) Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidaddel Valley. Models of Psychological Intervention. (2007-2008) Advisory em Clinical Psychology and Family program for AID-Ministry of the Interior (PNC). Capacitadorenliderazgo and filmsat team (2009-2010) Clinical Psychologist del personal SAAS (Ministry of Security and Administrative Affairs), Republic of Guatemala (agents, staff of all lasdirecciones), Teaching Courses:.. Teamwork, Human Relations (2011) Organizational AsesorenPsicología: conducting psychological profiling, realizóel Preparation Manual for Psychological profiling Unit Recruitment SAAS. Legal residence in Guatemala: Zona 18 Colonia Los Olivos, M block, house 21, City Guatemala.Teléfono: (502) 537 745 33.Ciudadanía: Cuban and Italiana.Residente Standing in Guatemala. D.p.i. Number 2806 35001 0101, e comonso.Correo: Active mcolli2007 yahoo.es Collegiate College of Psychologists of Guatemala: # 4323.

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