His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. David Jansen Pinheiro Pecis (Brazil)

H.E. Dr. David Jansen Pinheiro Pecis. Honorary Member for Rio De Janeiro. Clinical psychologist with Full Degree in Psychology, enrolled in CRP 05/41228; - Psychoanalytic Training lasting 5 years (Theory, Analysis and Monitoring); - Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Theory; - Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Therapeutic Practice; - Master of Education; - Ph.D. in Psychology of Religion; - Natural Therapist, affiliated to the National Union of Therapists (SINTE) under CRT 44459; - Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Integrative Therapies; - Member of the Brazilian Council for Psychoanalysis, under registration No. CBPRERJ 01201/RJ; - Member of the Association of Mental Health, Associate Code No. 6864,. - Member of the Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapists under CRTH BR-0215 and - President of the Brazilian Society for Contemporary Psychoanalysis; - President of the Free University and Despertalista - President of the National Association of Psychoanalysts.


Honorary Doctor of Psychology of Religion CESPEL – Centre for Higher Education and Latin American Graduate (Title conferred on Dec. 2013)

Master of Education with emphasis in Religious Education CESPEL – Centre for Higher Education and Latin American Graduate (Completed in Dec. 2013)

Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Therapeutic Practice (FAMATEC – Completed in Dec. 2012)

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Theory with emphasis on clinical practice and Institutional (FTED – Completed in June 2012)

Psychoanalytic Training (Theory, Technique and Practice) CNEPC – National Centre for Clinical Studies in Psychoanalysis (Completed in Dec. 2011)

Extension Course in Natural and Holistic Therapies UCB – Castelo Branco University (Completed in Oct. 2010)

Psychology (Psychologist Training + Full Degree in Psychology) Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences Fluminense (SEFLU) (Completed in Dec. 2010)

Bachelor of Theology (recognized by MEC through Ordinance 3082 of 27/12/2001) FATEBOV – Faculty of Theology in Boa Vista (Completed in Dec. 2008)


• Refresher Course in Philosophy from FGV. • Extension Course in Therapeutic Hypnosis by FTED. • Course “living pharmacy” by the Federal University of Viçosa. • Course “Use of medicinal plants in dermatology” by the Federal University of Viçosa. • Course “Floral, preparation and use” the Federal University of Viçosa. • Course on “Natural Medicine, Health and Functional Foods”, taught by Physician, Dr. Marcio Bontempo and promoted by the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences with the seal of the Brazilian Federation of Traditional Medicine. • Training in Traditional Usui / Tibetan system, levels I, II, III and Master. • Course Dowsing applied the Holistic Therapies with Dr. Doctor Neuci da Cunha Gonçalves. • Bach Flowers – Estacio de Sa University Center (I), 2009. • Graphology, personality through writing – Estacio de Sá University. • Introduction to Medical Psychology and Psychosomatics – Estacio de Sá University.


• EsFLUP – Fluminense (Brazil-Florida) School of Psychoanalysis www.esflup.com.br Period: 04/2014 – Current Function: Professor of Psychoanalysis

• Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences Fluminense (SEFLU) www.seflu.com.br Period: 04/2013 – 10/2013 Function: Substitute Professor in the disciplines of Psychology Applied to Third Sector, Organizational Psychology and Management of Human Resources Undergraduate Psychology.

• National Center for Clinical Studies in Psychoanalysis (CNEPC) Period: 03/2012 – 11/2013 Function: Professor of Psychoanalysis

• Brazilian Society for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (SOBRAPSICO) www.sobrapsico.org.br Period: 03/2012 – Current Function: Chief Executive Officer and Professor of Psychoanalysis

• Faculty of Latin American Theological Sciences (FACTEL) www.teologiafactel.org.br Period: 06/2010 – Current Function: Professor of Pastoral Psychology disciplines, Pastoral Counseling, Psychology of Religion and Philosophy of Religion.

• Clinical Care in Private Practice Period: 04/2009 – Current Function: Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Natural Therapist

• Municipal Health Nilópolis (Health Post Jorge David) Period: 09/2009 – 08/2010 Role: Trainee Clinical Psychology, total workload of 884 hours Activities: Assistance to families served by the Family Health Program in Nilópolis, performing scheduling interviews, screening interviews, referral for therapy, individual and group psychotherapy with supervision, conducting dynamic and lectures on topics of health and quality of life. Responsible for 4 clinics within the municipality (Tour of the Cabral Health, Chatuba, Nova Olinda and Center Nilópolis).

• Faculty of Theology Seminar UK – Mother in Bento Ribeiro / RJ Period: 07/2008 – 02/2010 Function: Visiting Professor / replacement


Course Orthomolecular Therapy in Mental and Psychological promoted by FISIOQUANTIC, in June 2011, the Convention Center Flex Center, Largo do Machado, Flamengo RJ.

II Symposium “The Reichian Clinic in Today”, sponsored by the Center for Psychotherapy Reichian on May 10, 2008, in the auditorium of UNI-IBMR (Brazilian Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine) at Praia de Botafogo, RJ.

Psycho-motor and Special Education Seminar, under the coordination of Dr. Rosa M. Prista, PhD in Special Education, international lecturer and author of the book “Gifted and Psychomotor: A Rescue Unit to the Being, Ed Petropolis: Voices, 1993 . “, 8 pm, held in the auditorium of Fluminense Educational Society in September 2006.

Participation in Lecture “Alternative Therapies for the Treatment of Pain NEURO-MUSCLE-JOINT”, held at the House of the Third Age of Nilópolis (Secretariat for Social Action) in November 2005. Site: www.drdavidpecis.com.br E-mail: drdavidpecis@hotmail.com Currículo Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/6352762862083523


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