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ERICH FROMM WORLD UNIVERSITY is a University registered in the United States of America that performs it courses (Masters, Doctorate and Post-doctorate) via Internet (Distance Learning), holding the legal, educational and related records in the United States of America. Hence this University follows American legal determinations, although it has its Headquarter in Brazil, managed by its President. All courses offered by ERICH FROMM WORLD UNIVERSITY within the Brazilian educational context are considered FREE COURSES. The Diplomas and Transcripts issued by this American University, to have validity in Brazil, they must be recognized, following the Brazilian educational legislation. There is a specific educational legislation in Brazil to regulate diplomas awarded by foreign institutions. And it is important to all who wish to work in Brazil and that plan to take our courses, be aware of these educational details, because WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the RECOGNITION OF OUR DIPLOMAS in Brazil. Our commitment is to conduct the courses, via Internet (Distance Learning) and the appropriate issuing of documents to the concluding students. Even our free courses, within the Brazilian educational context, allow contents of knowledge applicable in different areas of the labor market. Also those students who take our courses in other countries will be subject to the laws where they reside. In Brazil, as we already mentioned above, our courses only have validity after the due recognition, according to the Brazilian educational legislation. WE NEVER WASTE TIME EXPLAINING THE LEGALITY OF OUR COURSES OR OF OUR UNIVERSITY IN BRAZIL. And it is important to all those who wish to be our students have full knowledge of these educational details. On the other hand our diplomas at all levels are valid in the United States and in several other countries worldwide, being that in Brazil they depend of the recognition. Our diplomas give to the student a horizon enlargement and a full curriculum enhancement in the professional market. An example of this is the Title of Master and/or Doctorate in Psychoanalysis, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. Due to these areas of knowledge, like several others, have no legal regulations in Brazil, serving these Titles to the personal and social marketing mechanism for who that hold them, and the professionals can place these Titles in their visiting cards, Web sites, and others, giving to the holders a large professional valuation. We know that ERICH FROMM WORLD UNIVERSITY has full educational characteristic, similar to the best American Universities, satisfying the educational demands of the 21st Century.


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