His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Rembrandt de Matos Esmeraldo (Brazil)

H.E. Dr. Rembrandt de Matos Esmeraldo. Honorary Member for State of Ceara Brazil. Lawyer, Grand Secretary of Public Relations Assistant of the great lodge of ceara. www.glmece.org.brlaw degree at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).1995/1996 – postgraduate degree in criminal law by the regional university cariri (hooker).5. university extension:1973 – i right symposium, sponsored by the OAB-ce, to celebrate the week of counsel, fortitude in (c).1976 – stage extension of crutac-ce in Itapipoca (ce).1985 – i seminar on the protection of consumer rights, in Fortaleza (CE)      – Course on contracts, promoted by the center of studies and training – cetrei, attorney general of the state, in Fortaleza (CE)1988 – workshop i prosecutors of Ceará – cariri region in northern juazeiro (ce)      – Seminar on capital market for the judiciary and prosecutor, in Fortaleza (CE)1991 – workshop ii prosecutors of Ceará – cariri region in northern juazeiro (ce)1993 – workshop of electoral law, promoted by electoral district court, in agreement with the upper school of the judiciary, in Fortaleza (CE)1994 – i against electoral promoters of Ceará, in Fortaleza (CE)      – I state meeting on the role of the prosecutor and the status of children and adolescents, in Fortaleza (CE)      – I congress prosecutors northeast, in Aracaju (SE)1995 – i against state prosecutors in fortress (ce)1996 – i national symposium of the criminal and criminal procedural law in January (rj) river      – I symposium electoral law: the prosecutor and the elections of 1996, sponsored by the Association of Ceará public ministry, in partnership with the college’s public ministry, in Fortaleza (CE)      – Regional seminar is learning the right, organized by Association of Ceará Ceará by magistrates and prosecutors association, with the support of the regional university cariri / unicef ​​/ SEDUC in crato (ce)      – Ii national meeting of jury trials, in Fortaleza (CE)      – Ii prosecutors northeastern and national seminar on evaluation of the performance of the public ministry, in Fortaleza (CE) Congress1997 – course on the application of legal logic function, given by the college’s public ministry, in Fortaleza (CE)      – Conference prof. julius fabbrini Mirabete, the inaugural class of hooker – Regional University cariri in crato (ce)      – I meet state prosecutors on the policy of service to children and adolescents, in Fortaleza (CE)      – I Brazilian congress consumer protection, in Fortaleza (CE)      – I family law seminar, sponsored by the college’s public ministry, in Fortaleza (CE)      – Xvii congress of the Brazilian association of judges and prosecutors of childhood and youth in Fortaleza (CE)      – I national congress of the penalty, in Fortaleza (CE)


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