His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Rogerio Da Cruz Oliveira Guimaro (Portugal)

H.E. Dr. Rogerio Da Cruz Oliveira Guimaro. Honorary Member for Portugal. Criminal Investigator/crime lab expert within the framework of the judicialinspection at the crime scene (OR4); entry by invitation on the ALTHEAMission that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the Portugueseteam of criminal investigation (Team of Specialized Elements); CriminalInvestigator / Specialized Element / Forensic Expert in the analysis of thecrime scene, according to the Judicial Inspection.Specialized Element operates in solving actions and operations (high risk)under special criminal investigations, still having functions of informationcollection, processing, analysis and investigation of highly organizedcriminality, investigation and exploitation of documents, execution of escorts ,safety and protection of VIPs, several research activities in connection withinvestigations of anti-terrorism, surveillance and counter-surveillance, amongother activities. Criminal Investigator – level of accreditation – secret/NATO.Direct cooperation with the local police and the State Investigation andProtection Agency (SIPA); identify and arrest people accused of war crimes(PIFWIC’s), in order to be present at the International War Crimes Tribunalfor the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Crime scene expert (Police Officer) at the Center for TechnicalSupport of Criminal Investigation Section – GNR – Coimbra.Forensic expert in the context of judicial inspection at the crime scene.Analysis of the crime scene, collection of traces (physicochemical,fingerprints, biological), forensic photography, equipment operator at therevelation of vestiges, preparation of the judicial inquiry, in addition toexercising any function of criminal investigation within the legal competence. Patrolman for the occurrences, first to arrive, solved situations in loco,analyzed and gathered information, elaborate various kinds of reports,including reports of traffic and work accidents, suicides, robberies, assaults,domestic violence, bodily harm , confiscation of drugs, firearms, inspection ofestablishments, the hunting activity, vehicles, traffic control, policing sportsevents, proceeded to arrests, body searches, search warrants, among othertasks.Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal, Faculdadede Ciências Médicas de Lisboa, Instituto Ricardo Jorge, Associação Nacional deProteção Civil, Hospital Egas Moniz (Unit of Tropical Medicine), Guardia Civil– Spain – and Academia Iberoamerican de Criminology y Estudios (AICEF).DVI TEAM – 1ST-INTERNATIONAL COURSE OF DISASTER VICTIMSIDENTIFICATION AND COLLECTION OF BIOLOGICAL EVIDENCEIN VICTIMS OF ACCIDENTS OR EPIDEMICS WITHIN PUBLIC HEALTHForensic Dentistry, RX, photo, fingerprints, autopsy, thanatology, forensicAnthropology; Treatment, collection and identification of bodies in the Nationaland International territory. Missions in the framework of the European CivilProtection Mechanism, EUROGENFOR, Europol, Interpol and the AICEF. ROGERIOGUIMARO@HOTMAIL.COMROGERIOGUIMARO@GMAIL.COM


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