His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Marco Antonio Ceda Natali.

Honorary Member for Sao Paulo Brazil. Ph.D. - Doctor of NLP, 1997 World University Roundtable, USA. DHC - Cultural Doctorate in Neurolinguistics Therapy, 1997 World Development University, India. Professional training course in Past Life Regression Therapy, 2000 The Weiss Institute. USA. DHC - Doctor Honoris Causa in Hypnotherapy, 2000 ULTEP - Free University of Psicobioenergéticas therapies. Brazil. LA - Degree in Theology, Theological Education Institute 2006 New Life. Brazil. LA - Degree in Theology, 2010 Ecumenical Theological Faculty of Bahia, Brazil. LA - Degree in Clinical Psychoanalysis, 2012 FACEI - Faculty Einstein, Brazil. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE / PARTICIPATIONS Participated in the Workshop - Hypnosis as is done in the United States by the Given teacher Jean Jacques Buhannic. Hypnosis Center. Brazil Participated in the Workshop - Intensive Training Program in Gestalt Therapy Approach With Children and Adolescents by Violet Oaklander Given, Ph.D. The Violet Oaklander Institute. Brazil Participated in the Advanced Course in Organic Iridology Given by Antonio Evangelista Bueno. Brazil. Participated in the Workshop - Introductory Massage, including aspects of Shiatsu, reflexology, zone therapy, acupressure Given by Vickilyn Topp Esalen Institute. USA. Participated in the University Extension Training Course for Instructors Yoga. Foundation Teaching the Pole Geoeducacional of Vale. Brazil.Dr. Marco Natali Curriculum Vitae Page 2 University Extension Training Course in Yoga Instructors Federal University of Paraná. Brazil. Certificate course in University Level Dynamic Psychology and Parapsychology of Mens Sana Institute of Fray Albino Garibaldi. Brazil. Certificate course in Basics of Parapsychology Teacher Oscar Gonzales Quevedo. Brazil. Certificate course in Technical Commercial Mailing of Alvares Penteado Foundation. Brazil. Certificate course in Excel Hypnosis Institute of Naturopathy. Brazil. Certificate course in Practice Games of Agility Training for Behavioral & Marketing Events. Brazil Certificate of participation in the International Seminar THEORY OF UNIFIED FIELD of NLP taught by Mr. Robert Dilts. Brazil. Certificate course in Hypnosis Given by Dr. José Alvaro da Fonseca. Studies Center and Psychosomatic Research. Brazil Participated in the Course Emotional Memory Given by Dr. Morris Netherton. Brazil. Owner and Director of UNICEFA - Free University of Science, Philosophy and Arts from Brazil. Founder, mentor and spiritual leader of the Church of Divine Science in Brazil. Founder, leader and spiritual mentor of the Buddhist Monastic Order and Philosophical Niskama Karma - charity and non-profit healthcare entity. Brazil. Founder and advisor of the Fraternity Kung Fu que, since 2000, Began to call Themselves Chinese Boxing Society. Brazil. Marco Natali was President of the Brazilian Society of Hypnotherapy and Regression and was part of the Audit Committee of the Association of Professional Hypnotists Brazil's. Brazilian writer, author of 169 published works, including Braille. It is the writer who wrote and published the largest number of works on martial arts worldwide. Studied personally with Dr. John Grinder - co-creator of NLP; with Dr. Robert Dilts president of Behavioral Engineering; with Dr. Jeffrey Zeig director of the Milton Erickson Foundation in Phoenix in Arizona; with Dr. Ernest Lawrence Rossi of Malibu, California, famous psychobiologist Considered one of the Geniuses of Ericksonian Therapy; with Jim Rohn one of the most renowned "business philosophers" of nowadays; and with Dra. Violet Oaklander, one of the world's leading Authorities in Gestalt Therapy. PUBLICATIONS / PRESENTATIONS Taught courses in large companies, such as BNDES in Rio de Janeiro, Embraer in Sao Jose dos Campos, CEMIG in Belo Horizonte etc ... In the subject collaborations in the press has published in newspapers and Numerous national journals.Dr. Marco Natali Curriculum Vitae Page 3 As a writer published 169 books on different subjects: Administration, finance and related fields (11 Volumes) Philosophy and Psychology (91 volumes) Alternative Healing Methods (17 volumes) Martial Arts (14 volumes) Astrology and Biorhythms (20 volumes) Other (16 volumes) Over the year produced and presented LIVES BEYOND LIFE program on Radio Good New for three years and produced and presented the program at the BEST CHOICE World Radio. AWARDS Recognized and accredited as a psychoanalyst by Circle Paulista Studies Psychoanalytic. Brazil. Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis by Brazilian Society of Programming Neuro. Brazil. Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Brazilian Society NLP. Brazil Received Certificate of honor of the Federation of Kung Fu of Amazon. Brazil. Received Certificate of honor of the Association of Professors of Martial Arts State of Amazonas. Brazil. Been certified in upper-level course in the field of Personal Development Creativity, Memorization, Self Control and Emotional Brainstorming of the Paulista School of Humanities. Brazil. Certificate's an official member of the Association of Personal Defense Jujitsu Sintrense the Master of Kung Fu. Portugal. Certificate's an official member of the Jukoshoto Ryu JiuJitsu the Master of Kung Fu. Spain. Received homage and certification for 25 years of dedication to the world of books Awarded by the Brazilian Book Chamber. Brazil. In 1999 he received the Commendation of the Order of Merit of Education and Integration, along with sertanista Orlando Villas Boas and the Secretary of Education, Dr. John Gualberto de Carvalho. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Marco Natali was a Professor in the Graduate Chair of Business Creativity; marketing; Methodology of Higher Education; Negotiation and NLP; Strategic Planning; of the INPG (National Graduate Institute), having taught Numerous courses in Universities and Colleges; inter alia: Center for Higher Education of St. Charles; Faculty of Science Dr. Marco Natali Curriculum Vitae Page 4 Economics of São José do Rio Preto; FURB - Regional University of Blumenau; ICE - Cuiabano Institute of Education; ISCA - Higher Institute of Applied Sciences Limeira; UNITAU - Taubaté University; Dom Bosco Catholic University of Campo Grande etc ... The Lecturer, gave a lecture on Fifth Week of the School of Human Resources Brazilian Human Resources. Brazil. Participated the examiner in the Banking Examining evidence theoretical and practical Cultural Extension course on methods and techniques of Yoga of PUC - Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Brazil. the Psi Certified Operator of the Mind Control Institute of Laredo Texas. USA. Certified as a lecturer in Effective Speaking and Human Relations in September the forth by Dale Carnegie Course. Brazil The Lecturer, gave a lecture on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in EMPG John Gualberto do Amaral Carvalho of the Municipality of São Paulo. Brazil. The Lecturer, gave a lecture on Spirituality and Meditation in Raja Yoga at Second National Meeting of Yoga instructors in Belo Horizonte. Brazil. The lecturer held a lecture on Emotional Intelligence in the NLP Vision at Week XXII UNIMAR of Psychology - University of Marilia. Brazil. The lecturer held the lecture on Financial Intelligence in Rotary Club of São Paulo - Avenida Paulista - Brazil. Certified acupuncturist at Acupuncture Course of the Centre for Studies in Medicine East. Brazil. The lecturer held a lecture on Hygienism Nataliano and natural food at COMAS 2004 - Academic Medical Congress Santos at Faculty of Medical Sciences Santos. Brazil. Certificate from the First National Seminar sponsored by Yoga Vidya Free University Vidya Yoga of Brazil. Brazil. Held personal defense demonstration and organized martial arts tournament in Shock Troops of the São Paulo Military Police Battalion Tobias de Aguiar. Affiliations / ASSOCIATIONS Founding Partner of Association of the Brazilian Society of Hypnotherapists Hypnotherapy and Regression. Brazil Participated in the seminar THE MAGIC OF HYPNOSIS - Hypnosis & Ericksonbiana NLP. Master of Kung Fu accredited by International Society Shaolin Tsu Kuoshu. Venezuela Teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Accordance with the provision of the Master Lee Wing Kay Association. Brazil Certificate course in Social Cybernetics Institute of the Oriental healing arts. Brazil.Dr. Marco Natali Curriculum Vitae Page 5 Certificate Course in the Bach Flower Therapy Alternative Therapies Shangrila. Brazil. Certificate Course in Regression Memory of ECLAC - Studies Centre Parapsychological Latin America. Brazil. Certified Grand Master in the Chinese Kung Fu by United States Karate Alliance Brazil. Brazil. GENERAL INFORMATIONS ABOUT DR. MARCO Natali (BRIEF) Mr. Marco Natali, 64, is the current spiritual leader of the Church of Divine Science and of the Buddhist Monastic Order and Philosophical niskama Karma - Charities and charitable nonprofits entities. His official name as a writer is Marco Natali. His name initiation in Buddhism is Satyananada Able. Mr. Marco Natali, was born on July 27, 1950 He was the youngest son of the journalist Redento Natali Jr. and his wife Yolanda writer and journalist Natali Ceda. Mr. Marco Natali, 64, is dedicated to the philosophical and spiritual study since the sixties and Inglês was reading since he was seven years old When He Became literate. He was raised by his mother and the stepfather who owned one of the largest libraries of Brazil and spend your holiday house in the que had the internal walls, the walls formed by bookshelves que Were Were Placed With Their backs to each other. His childhood dream was to become a writer and had the opportunity to start this dream from 29 years of age. When child but he wanted to become a writer of adventure Jules Verne's likeness but to an adult, influenced by the loss of his brother who died young, he changed his mind and devoted his life to writing books of a practical nature with the aim of guiding young people. Because of this philosophical inclination devoted himself to the study of yoga, philosophy, comparative religion, theology, and Buddhism. Mr. Marco Natali was a pioneer in teaching Kung Fu in Brazil, Been having the first teacher of Kung Fu in the state of São Paulo to Pursue a legalized and correct the record having Obtained first license to teach Kung Fu in the State of São Paulo. Also he was the first teacher to Introduce the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu in Brazil. The style que actor Bruce Lee learned from the Great Master Yip Man. Was Also a great researcher of Indian martial arts event has published a book about the Vajramushti. Given the breadth of his reading Mr. Marco Natali was Responsible for the publication of Numerous international authors in Brazil, Indicating Them to his editors and even having Numerous books translated. Among Those published in Brazil thanks to your encouragement is The Richest MAN OF BABYLON is a bestseller que que sold Thousands of copies in America at The Time of the Great Depression.


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