His Excellency Honorary Member for Sao Paulo Brazil. Dr. Jose Roberto Romeiro Abrahao

Dr. Jose Roberto Romeiro Abrahao. Dr. Abraham is a lawyer since 1991 CSI militant and journalist since 1982, but their professional performance of longer duration is literary: his earliest writings date from 1979. With several works published in Brazil and abroad, in the heteronymous "JRRAbrahão" and "Mad Abe", Dr. Abraham begins a new phase in this work its presence in the world of letters, with this will be the first volume a series designed to show the public is interested in what the Sotai (www.sotai.com.br), their philosophy, their techniques and their applicability, all in favor of a culture of safety and survival, ensuring maintaining the quality and style of modern life.

Author of the controversial book "Philosophy of Combat", is a São Paulo writer, polyglot, training eclectic. He began his training in Judo at 4 years of age, Academy of Grandmaster Shigueto Yamazaki; age 7 began Karate training. Remained in judo for 17 years and in Karate for 21 years, initially in Nihon-Kiokai style, then moving to Kyokushin. Also trained other forms of Martial Arts over the years: Box, Tae-Kwon-Do, Kung-Fu Wing-Chun, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Arnis, Fencing, Combat Hapkido, and is one of the creators of Sotai. Always involved in the world of security, both the public spheres and private, national and international level, sought to specialize in use of weapons of various kinds, be they primitive, the traditional Eastern and Western martial arts, both contemporary conventional as low-lethality, even passing by improvised - both which is one of the authors of a book on the subject. In love with all forms of Shooting and Combat in 1979 joined the Board of the Paulista Federation Shooting Range, being "Master" in the four traditional Firearms Combat: Pistol / Handgun, Submachine Gun, Shotgun and Rifle. Instructor shot type "Track 8" and "Track 0", has sought improvement both of Rifle Shooting of Eshcol ("Sniper") as in Archery with Balestra, modality in which the student was internationally known and late Jorge Canale. For several years collaborated with national magazines "Magnum" and "Command," and the publication "online" ModernSurvival.Net (USA), and was -Responsible Editor of the magazine "Survival Games", a pioneering publication Brazilian about Paint-Ball. It is a student of Weapons Air-Pill, being quoted in the yearbook American "The Blue Book of Airguns" as a permanent employee the work for several years. Dr. Abraham is a principal authors of "reviews" site Amazon.com (USA), having made numerous reviews considered highly relevant by readership. Knives and the aficionado with Melee Combat, is one of authors of the first book on Brazilian "Fight with Knives" published in select American market: "Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin' Techniques "(www.unclefesterbooks.com) - published in Brazil with the title "Defence with Knives" .DR. Abraham is an expert on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives thermobaric Air-Fuel) and Terrorism, and researcher called "Fourth Generation of War "and gave advice on these matters. Their interests by Ordnance are so vast that created and patented many inventions within this segment, including ballistic protection, Reduced lethality of weapons and projectiles of greater penetration and lethal power, among others.

Dr. Abraham is Amateur radio, carrier Indicative PU2 SCO. More about Dr. Abraham www.drabrahao.com.br and in some of his works can be downloaded for free at www.ebooksbrasil.org and www.scribd.com.

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