His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Edilson Santos

President of IBGC - Brazilian Institute for Crisis Management, Salvador - Bahia-Brazil; Doctor Honoris Causa ERICH FROMM WORLD UNIVERSITYem recognition for pioneering important scientific works in Crisis Management and Practical training in the Training Managers in Crisis Management in Three Dimensions: Single, Family, Organizational. Entrepreneur, Bachelor of Business Administration from UCSAL, Member of Group Analysis Prevention of International Conflict, and Peace in Exercise and GAPCON Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil, Speaker, Author, Specialist in Crisis Management, Risk Management, UFRGS, with Theologian international recognition for Menorah University, USA; Professional Coach, Specialist in Social Psychology, and Master Specializing in Disaster Management, Communication in Crisis Management, International Communication SchoolOf - London, married 28 years, father of two sons. As Speaker of the Academy Speaker of São Paulo - SP, comoprofessor has excelled in specialized training in crisis management, with lectures and seminars, In-Company courses in Business, Colleges, Groups, Families and lectures for leadership development in various regions Brazil. WORKS. Paths of the Restoration, 2010 ALLPRINT Publisher, Managing Crises in Three Dimensions Volume l, 2012 ALLPRINT Publisher, Managing Crises in Three DimensõesVolume ll 2014. It has experience of over thirty years in the Administration; focusing on execution of Projects and Processes, served in segments Construction, Supermarket, Distributor in Health. Professional specializing in entrepreneurship, people management, negotiations, joint projects, Stakeholders, manager of natural, family and organizational crises. As a consultant in the area of Personnel Management, Education, business management, corporate advisory IBGC- Brazilian Institute of Crisis Management, and Peace and GAPCON of. He served as Managing Director - Supermarket Varejao in 1984-1987, dep charge. Bidding COBRAT - Companhia Brasileira Earthmoving and Engineering, 1989-2004, Director of Medicinal Imports 2005 to 2008, Commercial Director of Medicinal Bamed Bahia from 2008 to 2010, Director of Medquimica 2010 to 2012, acting Director General of the Menorah University - USA and General Coordinator in Brazil, 2012-2014, Founder and President of the Brazilian Institute IBGC Crisis Management 2011 -2014.

Endereço: Rua Doutor Mario Campos 456 Apt. 101, Boa Vista de Brotas,Salvador - Bahia – CEP. 40279-220 Telefone 71-3014-6764E-mail: edilson@ibgcrises.com.br-Web: www.ibgcrises.com.br

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