H.E. Honorary Member for Ukraine. Dr. Taras Sergiyovich Shevchenko.

Nationality: Ukrainian. Ordaining Authority.Saint Philip Neri Archdiocese, Canon, Colorado, USA. License, Apostille. Priest, Bishop, Head of Diocese in Ukraine..Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science, Florida, USA. Reverend minister.License, Apostille. American Orthodox Catholic Church. USA. Archbishop. Grand Master of the Orthodox Order of Saint Barbara.Patriarch. Diplomatic Mission, Christian Mission. International Mission "Ambassador for Christ Ministries of America", North Carolina, USA. Archbishop. Presiding Archbishop for Ukraine.The International Church of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent, Archbishop of the Ukraine & Ukrainian Delegate. Ukrainian Delegate to the International Church of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Global Assembly for Spiritual, Religious & Interfaith Missionaries Protector; Sovereign Order of the Blue Cross. Incumbencies or other posts: 1.Knight Grand Commander for Ukraine, Orthodox Order of Saint Anne;Noble Chaplain, Order St.Anne. Ambassador for Ukraine (for sport and culture), Royal House of Kapatagan Valley, Phillippines. Honorary Member of SPMUDA International (2011, 2012).SPMUDA Goodwill Ambassador of Humanity, Ukraine (2011, 2012).Knight Grand Commander of Corpus Christi of Holy Order of the Knights of Corpus Christi.Ecclesistical Commander of the Order (The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem). Ambassador and Emissary to the Apostolic Church and National.Commander to the Ukraine (Order of the Southern Cross), Ambassador.Chairperson of The Embassy of Peace, Royal Society Group.Chairperson of The Worldwide Embassy of Human Rights Protection through Peace and Justice. Chairman for Peace and Humanity to Europe, RSG House Speaker Group. Archbishop of the Ukraine & Ukrainian Delegate to the International Church of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Chaplain-General of the International Church of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Chaplains in Ukraine Ukraine Faculty Dean; Deanary Chapter of International University of the International Church of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Faculty of Spiritual, Religious & Interfaith Missionaries. Knight, Order of Saint Catherine of Mount Sinai, Dynastic Order of the family de Lusignan.Soberana OrdenTemplaria de San Jose, Gran Comendador de la Paz (Ucrania). Grand Commander of the Grand Commanderry of the Ukraine, The Order of Mystical Rose.Grand Master Commander for Ukraine, Transcendental-Esoteric Association Nagual, United Kingdom.Governor, Ambassador (Ukraine), Peace Mission (Diplomatic Mission to Revive Global Peace). Director for Eastern Europe. The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union - TMIPU International. Major-General. IAC. Academic, Humanitarian or Professional Societies:1.National Association of Christian Ministers, USA;2.Evangelical Association (NACM), USA;3.Honorary Member, Dean of King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies – Mindanao State University.4.International sacred college of bishops and archbishops.5. Academico Correspondente Internacional. 6. Academia Soberana Brasileira de Artes do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. 7.American Psychological Association.Academic1995-2000: Kyiv Taras Shevchenko’s National University (humanitarian sector).2008-2011 Kyiv Institute IPK DSZ Ukraine, Psychological sector.2012 Medical University, Ukraine. Medical fundamental, Bioenergy-inform.therapic sector.Distance, online and honorary DEGREE:2010-2011 St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies.2012 University of Siddhartha, India.2012 UniversidadeAberta de CienciasNaturais (Healing TerapiasNaturais, Instituto Superior de EducacaoGeral), Brazil.2013 AteneuCientifico Sao Lucas, o Medico. Instituto Comnene Palaiologos de Educacao e Cultura.2013 Instituto de Historia Naval Fernao de Magalhaes.2013 International Academy of Cossacks, Ukraine. 2014 University of Silvaner Inc. TITLES:Honorary Doctor of Divinity; Doctor of Religion; Doctor HonorisCausa en Artes y Letras; PhD, International of diplomacy and humanity; Master of journalism; Doctor of Psychology; Doutor em Terapias Holisticas; Professor Hon. Academician.

Post-address: P.B.-4, Kyiv-19, index 01019, UKRAINE.

Email Address: takido@bigmir.net

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