Her Excellency Honorary Member Dr.Josinara Sousa Sales. for Triangulo Mineiro Brazil.

Over 08 years of experience in International market of Internal Services, started the Industrial Manager of the Company Nivuetran where I lived for 10 years in the United States. Acquire sound knowledge of the main segments related to the system and acting as interpleti the Consular Department. These activities enabled the development of my communication skills, negotiation, sense of organization, mainly in vision quality in service delivery. As you will see, I have always worked toward this line of business. In Living with the International Class, I had the opportunity to learn and know, how should develop a system for development at the National level as International.
• I have my life focused on the development area, with a deep knowledge in all segments. Looking constantly improve, attending courses, lectures, meetings, national and international, etc.
• Bachelor of Communication
• Post Graduate in International Relations
• Doctorate in Human Rights

• New Integration Employees - Safety and Health at Work - Trading Strategy - Tax Education Ethical Behavior - QMS Project: 5S - Accident Prevention - Quality Public Service - Management Skills - Development as a Leader - Project Kaizen


• In Interplete Profession had the opportunity to act with various authorities and Entrepreneurs International de Negocios Branch.

• Dr. Antonio Ermirio de Moraes - Votorantim Group
• Presidency and National Mercedes-Benz Board

• Mrs. Rizia Moreira and Mr. William (Owners of Cirque Du Soleil)
• Members Directors Mexican Mercedes Benz
• Members Directors of the newspaper Reforma Mexico
• Members German Directors of Daimler Chrysler
• International and National President of Mercedes-Benz Board


• Title Commander of Peace: International Peace Committee
• Title Comendadora Grenada Cross of Justice: Holy Order of the Brotherhood Knights
• Title Personality 2012: Sovereign Royal House and the Imperial East Goths
• Title Personality 2013: Sovereign Royal House and the Imperial East Goths

• Human Rights: Mexico and Guatemala


• Safety Management Systems and Technical Physics
• Management and Leadership in Organizations
• Strategic People Management
• Marketing Services
SUPPORT mastermind humanitarian

• Support to the Mining Cities region, delivering 15 tons of food to the city of São Lourenço, Caxambu and Bom Jardim.
• Support in Education Several Needy Communities, physical education and studies.
SUPPORT mastermind humanitarian

• Support the Cities of the Mining Triangle Region, with delivery of food and support in political and social cultures.

• Improve Trade System Exterior of Minas Gerais and Region.


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