His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Jorge Wolnei Gomes. For Rio Grande do sul Brazil.

Born in Porto Alegre, the Brazilian Air Force reservist is Professional Technical Supervisor of Radiology Radiological Techniques has qualification in Education, Labor Health Management. He works as Professor in the area of imaging techniques and radiological technologies, Specializing in Radiodiagnostico techniques and Techniques Nuclear Medicine and Neuroradiology. Stood out in the Student and Academic scientific means as Cultural Director of the State Scientific and Radiology Union of Rio Grande do Sul. Director and Technical Director of the Educational Cultural Centre Saint Germain de Porto Alegre. Member of the Juvenile Court, Court and Rio Grande do Sul Arbitration.

Formed in working life in the School of Public Health, approved in several tenders, exercised its activities in the Ministries of Aeronautics and Department of Health. Graduate concluded third Degree in Social Philosophy at the University Masonic.

Currently, the University Corporate labora Saint Germain, where he climbed the highest positions, including that of Prof. Holder discipline of special tests, Supervisor Radiological Techniques, Coordinator, Consultant and Coach. Current member and Director of the Board of the 6th Region Radiology. It is special advisor to the National Board of Radiology in Brasilia.

He was a member of the Department of Safety and Health at work in various companies. He worked as a teacher in technical schools and held positions in various hospitals Grande do Sul Rio Grande. Radiologist, and dowser, a researcher in Radiology, Neuroscience Sciences. Produced evidence to preparatory courses of competitions at the Registry of the State of Rio Grande do Sul Health and Skills Institute of Rio Grande do Sul in the area in the field of radiology. Supervisor of several term papers on various areas of radiological images and special tests.
He served as Member of the Education Commission of the CONTAIN of Radiology System / DF.
It is current Chairman of Audit Committee taken, COREFI, the Radiology Council Friday Region / RS. Was chosen as representative of the National Board of Radiology in MERCOSUR Forum in Brasilia.

Was Coordinator of Life Prevention Office (AMA) of the Emergency Hospital in Porto Alegre HPS. It was the Entity Vice President Friends Anonymous World Samaritans volunteer work. Honorary Member of Rotary Iguatemi in Porto Alegre RS. Meritorious Member of Augusta and respectable Store Symbolic of Caridade.Past Master Workers for three terms .Membro Effective the Supreme Council of the REAA BRAZIL of Freemasonry received the Medal OF SAINT GEORGE KNIGHT in special session in Porto Alegre RS. Volunteered Director of the Company Solidarity Compass.
Yet received Title and Full Member Certificate of Hemodynamics Society of Santa Casa de Porto Alegre / RS - RS Section in 1995, and others arising from the activities carried out along his career and work of RS, and has been chosen as Professor auditorium and honored by panels of graduates Radiology Technical School.

Received in December 2005, the Radiology Union SINTARGS, the Trophy "Highlight of the Year in Radiology" at a ceremony held in the capital. Received title Dr. Honoris cause International University of Peace. He received accreditation Diploma High Commissioner (WPO) Word of Parliament segurity And Pace record 02 April 2014.

At the University Masonic completed the Masters, where he was exalted, he held various positions, Investiture being installed as Master in Symbolic Degrees and Degrees in Higher. Full member of the Royal Secret Consistory of Princes.
Member of the Rio Grande-Masonic Academy of Arts where he received Endowment for lifelong sitting on a chair number 16 Patron - IrGlauco Saraiva da Fonseca ACADESUL (Masonic Academy of South Rio Grande-type) on http://www.wix.com / acadesul / in 2012. Writer magazine articles Acacia a healthy vehicle for spreading Masonic Culture Gaucho and Universal, Poet, composer. As a result of their activities in favor of peace, received his investiture by Cercecle Universel des Ambassaudeuris de la Paix as Ambassador and PEACE whose headquarters is in Geneva /France 10 September 2013. Member of the Masonic Education University Project structuring advisor Foundation . It was Brazilian Consul Gong in 2014 Indonesia.

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