Once understood, realized and known, people and ultimately nations will follow. True peace is contagious. It is visible on the face, felt in the air, and absorbed by those in its aura. The true SELF wishes only the Oneness, the knowledge of completeness – like a circle. Accepting peace is accepting the responsibility of the relationship between Self and G-d, in a relaxed state of being.

The World Peace Center consists of two rooms. One area is for conversation, perhaps with the director of the center or a visitor from a country other than your own. After you adjust yourself to the stillness of the room, you pass through an archway to the meditation center. This is the room that houses King David’s Well.

The holiness and the spiritual sensations give an incredible yet tangible feeling of pure Oneness, pure love, pure peace. Here is where prayers or affirmations are said for the well-being of oneself, family or friends with difficulties on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Prayers for all humankind, and for all nations are said and felt from this place. This is the place where King David rested while deciding the area of the city to be built in his name. This is the place where you may rest and realize the potential of peace. Come and visit us.


Mount Zion Jerusalem Israel. Admir.


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