His Excellecy Honorary Member Dr. Aderaldo Medeiros Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION IPA (International Police Association) Legal Assistant Director

v Bachelor of Business Administration
v Management Budget and financial publishes for Municipalities-ESAF

v Environmental Management and Sustainable Development - FGV

v Law Course Work - FGV

v Fundamental Concepts of the tax law - FGV

v Course Judiciary Management - FGV

v Course SENAD- National Anti-Drug Secretariat Policy

v Consultant Course of the structure and functioning of the legislature of Rio de Janeiro - ELERJ

v Course Ethics and Public Administration - (ILB) Legislative Institute Brazilian-Senate

v Legislative Process (ILB) -Institute Legislative Brazilian-Senate

English: intermediate reading, basic writing, intermediate conversation. (CCAA)

Professional history:

SEAP -Secretaria Administration Penance - May 2014

Advisory Commission SCAR

Acting on the Standing Committee Administrative Investigation, Handling Procedure Receiving and apensamento of Inquiry Investigative, quote the reported and summons to defense witnesses gathered, gathered from documents and data View Final.Acompanho Report the PAD Commission Report.
Perform administrative tasks and office routines in order to meet the specific needs of the various divisions of the registry;
Run Mid complexity activities, including preliminary studies and research,
Analysis and administrative procedures studies, referrals and orders; direct link with ombudsman, internal affairs and sispen (core intelligence)
Keep files updated and organized the division;
Prepare, check and send several requests.


Assistant General Counsel

IPA is in consultative status with the ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, as in the COUNCIL OF EUROPE and the Organization of American States .Hold operational relations within UNESCO and EUROPOL. These external relations are an expression of recognition that IPA enjoys one of the largest professional organizations in the world.

TRE / RJ - Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro / SEURNAS -AGO 2012 JULY 2013

operating agent

Coordination in the clarification process to voters and training poll workers, as determined by the TRA; asset tracking reporting for Electoral Justice; working together with the Federal Police and various organs of public security, aid in the preparation of electronic voting machines for the elections: generate flash card and give MR software load on the ballot for use in elections; supervision for preparation of polling stations: carry out surveys, verifying with the various bodies, supply verification and other conditions necessary to conduct the elections proceed control and distribution of electronic voting machines, as guidance in the roadmaps for the TRE; Data entry required in LOGUSWEB or completing a specific activity report in the event of unavailability of the system; coordination and service calls of polling stations; performing specific outrastarefas at the discretion of Election Judge, since ratified by the TSE; and provide support to the generation of BU via Verification System; supervision in the final review of the electronic voting machines, auditioning and informing those that present failure to open service request with the company responsible for corrective maintenance; provide support to the collection and storage procedures, issuing specific report on the storage conditions and failure thereof; responsible for the care of microcomputer activities within the precinct;
Coordination in the preparation of the distribution routes of electronic voting machines and supervision of transport operations of these, to the polling stations according to the public security organs; conduct the inspection in electronic voting, in up to six days, from the day of election in 1st round and, if applicable, in 2nd round, informing the precinct on breakdowns and several damages occurred with the equipment to subsequent referral to the Department of Technology of the respective TRE Information; information to the Chief's Office about any problem or irregularity found during the implementation of services; operation of election data transmission kit in remote locations, where appropriate; conducting additional training for substitutes professionals; aid to the Electoral Court to conduct training (judges, poll workers and transferred), as determined by the TRA.

Port Guard Brazil / AGPERJ - April 2009 to June 2012


Advising AGPERJ-Port Guard Brazil institution linked SEP (Secretariat of Ports-Presidency) responsible for institutional affairs with privileges granted to search for resources in the three spheres of government, search providers, frame assembly budgets, expenses spreadsheet, bidding documents assembly and direct purchase by bidding (waiver, waiver) and emergency purchase (direct). Law 8666/1993, Law 8078/1990, Law 123/2006, Law 10.520 / 2002, Law 15608/2007. Mobilization of financial and administrative resources; coordinate and monitor the implementation of new agreements; coordinate and execute purchases without bidding; meeting all the requirements established by Law 8666.; meet implementation plan of the covenants; process emergency orders; shop contracts and services; maintenance items, users of materials and requesters; make entries to suppliers updates; make conference materials and invoices electronic trading applications and Issue waiver bidding, management and purchasing control performed by the system, coordination, execution and control files related to shopping industry documents, financial and feasibility studies by the secretariat ports on body directly to the Presidency, course search for expertise and training in port security area, emphasis on public management, maritime law, purchase of trading material, RIMA reports. (Environmental impacts), presentation of lectures, management courses, responsible for crafts and submission to various agencies and other possible attributes for the post.

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