His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Freddy Gonzalez Flores. for Bolivia.

Bachelor of Arts. "Just Leigue Moreno" College
Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences. Law degree.
Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra - UPSA.
Thesis title: "Analysis of the feasibility, structure and functioning of the Constitutional Court".
Graduated with honores.Licenciatura in Political Science.
Autonomous University "Gabriel René Moreno" - UAGRM.
Exam grade. Graduated with honors.
Graduated with honors.

Course on International Law. UAGRM - University "G. D. Annunzio "of Nazcara - Italy. Speaker: Dr. Augusto Sinagra.
Academic Lecture on "Situational Political Analysis". UAGRM.
Moderator at the Third Conference of Administrative Law of the MERCOSUR countries. Panel Conciliation and Arbitration in Administrative Contracts. Speaker at the Meeting of Humanities and Social Sciences between Two Millennia. UNESCO - UPSA. Dissertation topic: Transformations of public administration and its current trend. Winner of the Second National Call for Young Researchers 2001. Strategic Research Programme in Bolivia - PIEB.
Congress Exhibitor Law and International Relations - CIDER. University of Aquino - Bolivia. UDABOL. Training School Bolivia - ESCABO I. JC Training School Bolivia - ESCABO II. JCI
JCI Presenter. Cochabamba.
JCI Achieve. Cochabamba.
JCI Admin. Cochabamba.
National Leadership Academy JCI.
First Place Contest JCI Debates.


1993 Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law UAGRM
1993 Assistant Professor of Introduction to Law UAGRM
1998-1999 Professor of Constitutional Law UAGRM
1999-2001 Professor of Constitutional Law UPSA
2001-2002 Professor of Special Procedures UPSA
2001 Professor of Civil Law V UPSA
2002 Professor of Final Grade UPSA
2007 Professor of Administrative Law UDABOL
2007 Professor of Civil Law IV UDABOL
2007 Professor of Private International Law UDABOL
2007 Professor of Public International Law UDABOL


1995 ¿axis-mummies ?. Representative Democracy and Regional Leadership. Percy Fernández, Mónica Medina and Manfred Reyes Villa. Strategic Research Programme in Bolivia - PIEB. La Paz. 1996.
1998 Draft Law on Traffic and Road Safety; and its regulations.
Consulting the Ministry of Government.
1998 Draft Regulation of the Migration Act.
Consulting the Ministry of Government.
2001 "Civic Committee Pro-Santa Cruz. Regional Groups and Power 1950-2000 "Leadership. Winner of the Second National Call for Young Researchers 2001. Strategic Research Programme in Bolivia - PIEB. La Paz.


1994 Legal Services YPFB - YPFB.
1995 Synergy Consultant
1998 Consultant to the Ministry of Government
1998 Consultant UPSA
2009 Legal Advisor to the Honorable City Council of San Juan Bautista de Porongo.

From 1999 to the present Executive Director of the Law Firm "Gonzales-Flores Attorneys. Soc. Civ. "


Academic San Faustino ONLUS and President of the Academy in Bolivia.
Member of the National Bar Association of Bolivia.
Member of the Bar Association of Santa Cruz - ICACRUZ.
Member of the Board of the International Federation of Latin American - Fiai.
Member of the International Social Action Foundation - FASI
Member of the Iberoamerican Society of Medical Law - SIDEME.
Member of Honor and Bolivia Representative in the South American Institute for Research and Development - ISID.
Member of the International Association of Amateur Heralds - IAAH
Member of the Bolivian Society of Logic and Analytical Philosophy


Distinction from the University Santo Tomás de Aquino - UDABOL - Cochabamba.
Distinction Best student of the race of Political Science. Local University Federation (FUL) and Autonomous University "Gabriel René Moreno".
JCI TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award
: gonzales-flores@hotmail.com


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