His Excellency Dr. Sid Marques Fonseca

Honorary Member for Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil. Colegio San Antonio - Marist Brothers: 1960 to 1968. Federal University of RN - UFRN: 1969 to 1972. Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG: Graduate in Business Administration (1974 - 1976); Specialization in General Management and Industrial Relations, Getulio Vargas - SP / PPGA - UFMG (1976); Teacher Federal Technical School - RN: 1971-1974; Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Social and Applied Sciences, UFRN (1973 - 2011); Municipal Secretary for Special Projects, Natal - RN; Advisor Dir Ind Textile Seridó - Union of Brazilian Companies UEB:.. 1976 - 1978; Deputy Secretary of the RN State Government Tourism, Jan / 2001 to Dec / 2002; General Director of Inst. RN Water Management - IGARN (Institute Deployment); Administrative Manager - Financial and Trade of Salha SAIndústria of Castor Oil; Teacher - Assistant João Pinheiro Foundation - Belo Horizonte - MG; Four Councillor mandates in Natal - RN (1982 - 2000); Mayor Christmas (1988); President of the Management Board of the Organic Law of the city of Natal (1989); Mayor at Christmas period - RN (Four occasions, Bus Wilma Farias, 1989-1992.); President of the City Union of Brazil; President of the Rotary Club Christmas South: 1981 - 1982; Municipal Secretary for Special Projects - Natal - RN. Directors Carlos Eduardo; Assistant Secretary of Labor - SEMTAS from 01 deJaneiro / 2013. Summary of activities on Christmas Archdiocese - RN: Eucharist Extraordinary Minister from 2001; Consecrated member of the Catholic Community of Couples New Life from 1995; State Coordinator of the Ministry of Faith and Politics of the RN RCC (2002 - 2004); Speaker of Catholic Marketing National Meetings.

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