In the political battlefield we conservatives are outnumbered and being hit on both flanks. The radical Left is massively funded and has managed to capture complete institutions on the American scene—academia, entertainment, the unions, the media, and the like. But now conservatives are also under attack from the moderate wing of the Republican Party, massively bankrolled by big business and with a Democratic-lite issue agenda that rejects conservative principles while giving conservatives lip service, and ultimately delivering a political presentation that, time and again falls on deaf electoral ears because it sells no one.

If we are to meet and defeat those challenges, and begin the work of capturing the political narrative, conservatives must be creative, better organized, and better funded.

We believe the creative and organizational imperatives will be met if we can successfully create a national revolution in the one universe that presents us with the greatest opportunities: social media. This is where the new revolution will be fought.

Founded in 2010, ForAmerica gives the public a new and improved version of conservatism. We do not and will not compromise any of our principles. And we don’t need to do so either. Ours is the vision that will win—because we have learned how to market our story.

A key element of the ForAmerica agenda is education. It is not, however, education in the conventional sense. There are innumerable think tanks and conservative media outlets to do that. Our focus is on doing what ForAmerica does best: marrying popular culture to social media to produce those programs that capture the public’s imagination while simultaneously educating a new generation of conservatives.

The ForAmerica Mission

For freedom. For prosperity. For virtue. ForAmerica pursues this vision in all activities, be it in its educational efforts, the support of candidates, the support of legislation, or the support of public policy. All endeavors are measured by this: If it advances freedom, prosperity and virtue, ForAmerica will be supportive. If it doesn’t, ForAmerica will be formally, publicly opposed.

There will be no more retreats, no more “victories” defined as that which slows the march of the enemy. The conservative movement must go back on offense, and ForAmerica will lead it. ForAmerica advances its pro-freedom, pro-prosperity and pro-virtue mission in all public policy debates. ForAmerica no longer simply defends against the Left’s assault on freedom; ForAmerica responds by aggressively promoting freedom. ForAmerica no longer satisfies itself with successfully repelling attacks against prosperity; ForAmerica proudly promotes the very concept of prosperity. ForAmerica will not just fight back against those undermining a civil society, ForAmerica promotes a virtuous one.

ForAmerica is becoming the new champion of conservatism on the electoral, legislative and public policy arenas. It is being led, guided and staffed by men and women with impeccable philosophical and political credentials. And what they bring to the table, the one element unique to the ForAmerica concept, is the technological expertise to wed politics to marketing in the new social media universe.

Where before there was a monologue where we dictated our agenda to the American people; social media provides an instant dialogue and ForAmerica is engaging in it. What started out as an experiment in late 2010 has transformed into a movement. Before ForAmerica was created there was not an active social media presence within the national construct of the conservative movement. ForAmerica has filled that void. Through our social media platforms, ForAmerica has taken the battle of ideas to social media—a place that, until now, has been dominated by the Left. Here, ForAmerica activates grassroots Americans from all corners of the country to engage their social network, mobilize for and against legislation, and put concentrated pressure on weak establishment Republicans.

Governed by its Board of Directors, ForAmerica is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, qualified under Section 501(C)4 of the Internal Revenue Code. ForAmerica relies on the private financial support of the general public for its income, and accepts no government funds and performs no contract work. Donations are not tax-deductible consistent with IRS Section 170(c).

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