H. E. Dr. Chamel Sarkis Hanna. Honorary Member for Goias Brazil. Bachelor of Business Administration, the Federal University of Goias, graduated from the Ecclesiastical Province Latin American - Chile, Diplomate of the National Board of theologians do Brazil. MASON FORMATION:Started in 1975 at the Great Orient of Brazil, occupied almost all positions of a Masonic lodge.President of the Lodge: Adalardo Franca Filho, a member of the Great Orient of Santa Catarina State, a member of the Great Orient of Rio de Janeiro, fundadador the Great Orient of Goias - COMAB, member of Masonic Academy of Arts and Letters, Grade 33 member since 2005 by the Supreme Council of the Federative Republic of Brazil Southeastern region, president of Chapter Rose Croix, Great Master General (2005 - 2013) Great Master of honor (2013 current)Entrepreneur of the textile industry.

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