H. E. Dr. Carlos Santos Saavedra Bravo. Honorary Member for Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela. Academic studies:Alto Research Center Teaching Mention: Basic Psychology Parapsychology Research Center, Technical Statement: Mental Dynamics Professional Association of Venezuela, ongoing value-added Simon Bolivar University Extension Course in Value Added TaxTraining Institute Peace Operations, Diploma; Peace Operations Command.University of East: Management Diploma nonprofit Universidad de Oriente. Degree, University ProfessorUniversity degrees and professional degrees: International University of Cambridge. Mention Psychology Graduate Education University of the Peoples of Europe. Masters in Industrial PsychologyInternational University of Cambridge. Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychology. Ph. D Central University of Venezuela. Title; Announcer.Degree in Sociology Honorary doctorates and HonorsI Honors Causa Doctorate in Human Rights Doctorate in Humanities Honors causeDoctor Honoris Causa in Education Policy Doctor Honoris Causa in Distance EducationHonorary Doctor of Laws Education Honorary Doctor of PhilosophyHonorary doctorate in higher educationDoctor Honoris Causa in Management Education Doctor Honoris Causa in SociologyHonorary Doctorate of Humanities Honorary Doctor of Philosophy of Education Doctor Honoris Causa in Education Doctor Honoris Causa in EducationHonorary Doctorate in Educational Administration Doctor Honoris Causa of Ethics Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Administration Orthodox Ecclesiastical University: Honorary Doctorate in International Relations University of the Peoples of Europe. Honorary Doctor of Science in EducationUniversity of Southern Tuxtla Gutierrez, Doctor Honoris Causa Cambridge International University: Doctorate in Humanities Honors cause University Emill Brunner appointed peace adviser for Latin America Emill Bruner University Educational Management University Emill Bruner: Honor of Merit in Education Philosophical Academy of Arts Sciences and Arts: Academic Honorary MemberPhilosophical Academy of Arts Sciences and Arts: Honorable Master Academic Italian Association. Honorary MemberInternational Academy of Sciencie: Lifetime Member Ritrovarci Cultural Association. Honorary president in VenezuelaRoyal Society Group: Ambassador Religious titles and degrees - Civil and Military Orders Holy Byzantine Orthodox Church in Hungary: Priest Holy Byzantine Orthodox Church in Hungary: Bishop Catholic Church of the East: BishopTraditional Orthodox Christian Apostolic Church of Mesoamerica: Archbishop Arzobobispo and Metropolitan, of the Byzantine Church Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Holy Orthodox Christian America: Patriarchal Vicar PrelateHigher Institute of Applied Theology: Degree in Theology Pontiff of Human and Religious Sciences Institute. Honorary Doctorate of Humane Care and Education.Orthodox Ecclesiastical University: Honorary Doctorate in International Relations Lutheran Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Chief Diocese of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.Universal Global Peace Academy AUGP;.-Goodwill Ambassador for Peace in Venezuela..-Honorary Doctor of Divinity and Humanities..-Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D..-Certificate of Excellence in Global Peace establishment Universal Apostolic congregation Theological Convergence: Sovereign Grand MasterUniversal Apostolic congregation Convergence Theological Royal Emperor and sovereign empire of the Americas Universal Ambassador Peace Circle of Peace in Venezuela Civic Parliament Site: Site Eminence range.Humanity International: Ambassador of PeacePeace Mission. Ambassador of Peace Civic Parliament of Man; Academic SenatorOrder of Malta: Knight of Justice Htria Sovereign Military Order of St. Ignatius of Loyola; Very Augusto Caballero of Justice Sovereign Military Order of the Cross of Christ: Commander Sovereign Military Order of the Cross of Christ: Custodian in Venezuela Holy Order of San Martin de Porres: Grand Officer of Merit Real sovereign Ordem Do Merit Ecclesiastical: Commander Grand CrossHeraldic Association Italy: Noble Honorary Member Holy Order of San Martin de Porres: Knight Grand Officer of HonorSan Lazaro Corps International (CSLI)): Commander of Venezuela, with the Colonelcy National Brotherhood of the Maestrazgo. Grand Cross of HonourSovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St John of JerusalemKnight of JusticeOrder of St. Bernard: Commander Grand Priory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Order of St. Bernard, Honorary Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of  Venezuela Titles of NobilityTitle of Nobility Count of Sant 'Isidoro de Sevilla. (Casa Real Zamopeshi) Nobilario title Marques de San Isidoro de Sevilla (Casa Real Zamopeshi )Noble title Duke of Samoitia - Grand Prince of Samoitia (House of Poland)Title of Nobility Archduke San Jose Forte Portinho (Principality of Portinho)Title of Nobility Prince of Mesoamerica. Awarded by the Royal Inca Empire"Abdicated" the title of Prince of Mesoamerica awarded by the Royal House of Platoni Real Casa de la Chaume: Conde and Ambassador for the whole America and the Caribbean islands Sovereign Military Order of sacred duty. Sovereign Grand Master Commander General Ecclesiastical nobility Prince Regent of SOMDST itle Prince Christian Ecclesiastical AbbeyEcclesiastical Title: Prince of Concordia Apostolic Title: Grand Prince of the Sovereign Military Order of the Sacred DutyApostolic Title: SARI empire of Mesoamerica Apostolic Title: Great Archon Basileus.Apostolic Title: Grand Prince of Mesoamerica Universal Apostolic congregation Theological Convergence: Emperor and sovereign of the Royal Empire of the AmericasMilitary degrees International Academy of the Cossacks: Colonel General. International Academy of Cossacks, Honorary Consul of the Bolivarian Republic of VenezuelaPresident of the International Academy Kazatsva in Venezuela Prints Centre Reserve of the Armed Forces of Argentina. Honorary MemberProfessional workVenezuela rector of the University Institute of Saint Peter and Saint PaulPro Rector of the University Emill BrunnerUniversity President Sebastian International Open Generalissimo Francisco de MirandaPresident University of Professional SkillsVenezuela Delegate for Education Development Centre MFIwww.uniagsfmi.com Sovereign Military Order of the Sacred Duty: Sovereign Commander GeneralGrand Master. Founding President Holy Throne Amerindian and Afro descendant (SATROAMAD) President-Founder Holy Throne of Mesoamerica: Supreme Commander

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