H. E. Dr. Ricardo Nunez Curto. Honorary Member for Las Palmas Spain.

Education Assesor of U.N. CECO, Education and training Date 2012 PhD in Theological Sciences, University of Saint Paul Dates / Dates 2000 Bachelor of Theology School Reina Valera Title 1,988 Windows and Internet expert. U.I.M. Title 1,985 Accounting and Financianciación of Empresas.ESITE Title 1,980 Broker Agent Spanish Ministry of Finance 1977 PhD in Legal and Economic Sciences, Berlin 1977 Law Degree Course. University of Salamanca 1,971 C.O.U. La Salle Bosanova.Barcelona College. Personal capabillities / Personal skills and competences Mother Language / Language (s) mother (s) Spanish. Other Languages / Other (s) language (s) Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken Inglés / English Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Frech / French Good Good Good Good Italian / Italian Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Other capabillites / Social skills and competences Founding President of the Literary Club of Debates. Internet Founding President of the Amateur Radio Club in Avila (Spain) Secretary of the Union of Radio Amateurs of Las Palmas Informatic Capabilities / Computer skills and competences Previously, Internet service provider. Design and development. IP communications. Driver License / Driving license Class B1. Other informations / Other Information • Vidame de Las Palmas, House Aarburg, Westley Synod of Bula Cardenalicia Synod Count of the Cross and the Crossier Count of Ytarbirum Marchese of Santiago Graft (Count and Baron) Von Suchbach • Knight of Justice of the Military Order of Knighthood of Saint Paul • Commander of the Military Order of St. Isidore of Seville • Knight of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice of England. • Commander of "Santiago" House Tiberio Dobrinia DAragona • Knight of the Russian Knights of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta • Knight of the Holy Roman Empire Byzantine • Knight of the Sovereign Order of Saint Constantine • Doctor Honoris Causa from the Accademia Di Russia • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Academy of Saint Paul • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Accademia del Tirreno • Prior to Spain of the Order of Cravant Soberna • Commander of the Order of Merit for Spain • Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Order of Cravant in Spain • Knight of the Most Venerable Society of Knights of Anagogue • Commander of the Sovereign Military Order of San Estanislaw • Director of Administration at the University of Saint Peter and Saint Paul • Director of Maria de Magdala Christian Eclesia Seminary of Theological Sciencies • Former baliwik for Spain of OSMTH Kti • Chaplain in Saint Lazarus Hopitalary Order of Jerusalem, Grate Priory of Spain, • Archbishop of Christian, Reformist and Ecumenical Church. • Former Assesor of Inter-Faith Commision in U.N. • Assesor of U.N. CECO. • Assesor in Social and Economical Affairs in UNESCO Comission for Northen Africa. • Ltely I have been nominated a Minister of International Parliament, USA. Employ-proffesion / Employment / profesional Archbishop of the Christian, Reformist and Ecumenical Church of María Magdalena- ICREMM Work Experience / Work Experience Date 2013-2015 Archbishop of the Christian, Reformist and Ecumenical Church of María Magdalena-ICREMM Dates / Dates 2007-2010 Archdeacon of the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo Business 1.987-2007 Telecommunications (internet service provider) .Minister of the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo 1981-1987 CharteredINSURANCE BROKER. Col. Insurance Brokers of Las Palmas 1978-1981 Tax and Accounting Advisory. Affection INSURANCE AGENT.

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