His Excellency Honorary Member Dr. Jenaro Romero Pastor

H.E. Dr. Jenaro Romero Pastor. Honorary Member for Spain.

Doctor Professor and Vice-Rector of the University NUCSS.

President of the World Association Of Doctors

Chief Commissioner Education and Safety in Europe and Latin America Cargo Dean-Rector (CCLP WORLDWIDE)

Head of the delegation of CCLP Worldwide-Spain

Director General of International Relations, Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. 1. Specialist Second Section: Laboratory Ministry of the Army2. Central Zone deposit.3. Maintenance of machinery, office of Elder No.14. Maintenance of machinery in all embassies in Madrid, starting with the United States, and military offices in Torrejón.Technical services MadridComprehensive maintenance of machinery, Company Manual Palace.Electronics Laboratory machines Electrical and electronic typewriters, calculators, cash registers, photocopiers.Guillamet, Comprehensive maintenance of the same specialty,Puerta del Sol Interior, Ministry of Interior under the command of D. Modesto Garcia Lopez, head of the Administrative Security Department.Metro de Madrid, Industrial Projects Passenger Vehicle Maintenance, Technical Group of Metro de Madrid, Auditor of the Circular Line, Metro de Madrid.Technical Supervisor Unit 2000, 5000. 7000, 8000, and reported incidents detected by act, in 7000, lost engine, by cutting bad capacitor filtered balta boats, poorly designed layout error, stop and stop 8000 driver body and driven by data loss bend information Microprocessor design error.Train cleaning robot notified error detected and corrected design.17 electronic designs provided.Motorcycle transformation project 500 series units connected auxiliary service centers Metro de Madrid 120 units.Supervisor works contractors working parts, inspections, AB, and C. mistakes many subsequent payment for the Maintenance Division.Senior Committee business in Healthcare Safety and Quality Auditor.A line inspection cards, insufficient filtering, heating problems, metal smelting and train units subsequently corrected.Co designer and author of stenotype Pisces, electronic alarm for utility vehicles petrol and diesel engine.Education, teacher:40 years experience.Where he has worked: Given Classes Directorate General of the Civil Guard, Civil Guard training to own Creating Maintenance Workshop of machinery.Management Training Madrid Metro 4 spatial adequacy, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and electronic, making versatility in a single service person of the four specialties.Project coordination Electronics assembly and installation testing, design error of 5 kV converter, assembly and maintenance.To start and stop control of passenger vehicles.Professor and coordinator for Europe and Latin America, and Project and Thesis CUE: Euro-American University ConsortiumCollaborating with universities in Latin America and the Caribbean, agreements signed 17 academic cooperation.Doctor Professor and Vice-Rector of the University NUCSS.President of the World Association Of DoctorsChief Commissioner Education and Safety in Europe and Latin America Cargo Dean-Rector (CCLP WORLDWIDE)Head of the delegation of CCLP Worldwide-SpainDirector General of International Relations, Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. Technical degrees, diplomas, engineers, specialists and experts, 11Master 7 titles.Titles Doctorates 7Doctor Honoris Cause 7 titles.Books published in March,Currently writing the fourth,Cooperation in book publishing in Criminology and International Terrorism 1.Industrial patents 2Computers, Auditor-level engineerLanguage technical-scientific applications and translation project components, plans and circuits, circuits for projects, translating Spanish, French Italian.Awards and prizes waiting list, medal of the Virgin of Pilar Civil Guard.Pakistan diploma Chancellor.World University Education Award USA.St. James Knight Grand Cross of JusticeSt. James Knight Grand CommanderKnight Grand Cross of the Order d San Ignacio de Loyola of His Holiness Pope (Cargo Executive Director in Criminology)Prior to Spain General Priory of St. Ignatius of Loyola of His Holiness the Pope.Vice Chancellor Spain, Europe and Latin America NUCSS National University.Dean Rector of institutions and courses CCLP Worldwide, signed and recognition of Notary General of India.

World Intellectual Property Organization

United States of America

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