H. E. Harrison Jose Pereira. Honorary Member. Lawyer more than 20 years experience in International Relations International market, started in Lawyer function in the Company Intervenacional. Acquire sound knowledge of the main segments related to the system and acting as General Director of International Relations and International Law. These activities enabled the development of my communication skills, negotiation, sense of organization, mainly in vision quality in service delivery.• I have my life focused on the development area, with a deep knowledge in all segments. Looking constantly improve by attending courses, lectures, meetings, national and international, etc.EDUCATION:• Bachelor of Laws• Post graduate degree in International Relations• Doctorate in Human RightsCOURSES AND KNOWLEDGE:• Estate of Skill - Regional Experts of the Union Delegate - Safety and Health at Work - Trading Strategy - Fiscal Education Ethical Behavior - QMS Project: 5S - Quality Public Service - Development as a Leader NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES RECEIVED:• Title Comendadora Peace: International Peace Committee• Title Comendadora Great Britain Cross of Justice: Holy Order of the Knights Fraternity• Title Personality 2014: Sovereign Real and Imperial House of East Goths• Title Personality 2015: Sovereign Real and Imperial House of East GothsINTERNATIONAL PROJECTS SUBMITTED• International RelationsINTERNATIONAL COURSES• Safety Management Systems Physics and Technical• Management and Leadership in Organizations• Strategic People Management• Skill Imobiliaria• Marketing ServicesSUPPORT mastermind humanitarian• Support for the Development of Africa.ONGOING• Improve Comercio Exterior System of Minas Gerais and region.

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