H. E. Honorary Member Dr. Miguel Ribeiro Pinheiro. • Lawyer. Bachelor in Civil Law• Post graduate degree in International Relations• Doctorate in CinemaCOURSES AND KNOWLEDGE:• New Integration Employees - Safety and Health at Work - Trading Strategy - Fiscal Education Ethical Behavior - QMS Project: 5S - Accident Prevention - Quality Public Service - Management Skills - Development as a Leader - Project KaizenPROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES:• National and International Business Manager• National and International Business Consultant• Journalism Honorary AdvisorPROFESSIONAL HISTORY:• In Interplete profession I had the opportunity to act with various authorities and the International Empresarios de Negocios Branch.       NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES RECEIVED:• Title Comendadora Peace• Title Comendadora Great Britain Cross of Justice• Title Personality 2011• Title Personality 2012• INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS SUBMITTED• Humanitarian Aid to Various CountriesINTERNATIONAL COURSES• Safety Management Systems Physics and Technical• Management and Leadership in Organizations• Strategic People Management• Marketing ServicesSUPPORT mastermind humanitarian• Support to the Mining Cities region, with delivery of 15 tons of food to the city of São Lourenço, Caxambu and Bom Jardim.• Support in Education Several Needy Communities, physical education and studies.SUPPORT mastermind humanitarian• Support the Cities of the Mineiro Triangle region, with delivery of food and support in political and social cultures.ONGOING• Improve the Foreign Trade System.

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