Our Ambassador Dr. Zzigmund Cohen is a member of Secure America now and is the representative of Admir there. ABOUTSECURE AMERICA NOW is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to bringing critical security issues to the forefront of the American debate. Get the facts. Share the truth. Take action.OUR MISSIONSince the attacks on 9-11, Americans have frequently questioned their government's response to domestic and international challenges to our security.We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives and liberals who share a common concern about our security and liberty. Our concerns have led us to create an organization that allows the American people to influence American security and foreign policy.Secure America Now is a 501(c) 4 issues advocacy social welfare organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Secure America Now is dedicated to mobilizing millions of national security activists to support policies that protect our nation against terrorist infiltration, attack, and capitulation to our enemies. Secure America Now is committed to driving a strong national security narrative by employing multi-media and state-of-the art marketing technology.In a non-partisan manner, Secure America Now has, and will continue to bring the American people (not just policy makers) into the debate over national security issues. Secure America Now is not a vehicle for one celebrity voice; it is building/mobilizing a mass movement coalition to unite security hawks of all political persuasions to foster and support strong national security policies. Secure America Now aims to provide the platform for millions of Americans to have their voices heard in Washington.For far too long the American people did not have a platform to engage their elected officials on issues of defense and security. Secure America Now is that platform.Get the Facts. Share the Truth. Take Action.ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERSGovernor Mike Huckabee"Now thanks to Secure America Now, YOU have a voice just as loud as mine or anybody else’s in Washington. That is the mission of Secure America Now -- to give regular, hard-working, tax-paying American citizens the same influence in Washington as someone on FOX NEWS, in Congress or on the radio."Paul Atanasio"The American public should make their own decisions about just how closely aligned the U.S. and Israel are when it comes to the most important national security threat our two nations face today."Rafael Bardaji"Israel has the right to self-defense to achieve peace…the world allowed the horror of the Nazi Holocaust. It is our moral obligation never to allow it to happen again."Ambassador John Bolton"The biggest threat to our national security is sitting in the White House."Pat Caddell"We have a President who has suppressed the truth."Devon Cross"Americans across the political spectrum are focused on security, even though these issues get far less attention from politicians than these polling numbers indicate they should."Col. Richard Kemp"Global conspiracy of propaganda aimed at the total de-legitimization of the state of is an evil conspiracy of de-legitimization."Lee Smith"The threat against the life of the American ambassador to Syria comes during a bad streak for the Obama administration. First was the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States and bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies, while incurring perhaps hundreds of American casualties. Next was the White House's failure to secure an agreement to keep U.S. troops in Iraq, which will empower Iran and its Iraqi allies at the expense of American interests. Middle Easterners who count on American leadership can be forgiven for misreading signs of American weakness."Christian Whiton"The U.S. champions the aspirations of freedom of those abroad because it has been a part of our heritage since our founding. But it is also a calculated means to advance our national security interests—and those of our democratic allies." CONTACT USPlease use the form below to submit your message. Or send mail to: Secure America Now. 1025 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036.

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