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We are partners with ATTAC.


Attac is an institution that was born in 1989 with its foundation built on pillars in the martial arts and techniques of various police and military organizations around the world, bringing to the Brazilian reality, updated and practical way of Defense and Attac in all social media that we live.


The training and methods applied by ATTAC, is unique and exclusive in the world, and instructors with international experience in tactics and techniques with high level of procedures and very effective, always being updated with confidence and perfection.


The mission of ATTAC will always be the professional improvement of security for all citizens, be they international security professionals, federal, public, private and other, even civilians who need knowledge to protect boldly your life, family and heritage.

Instructors are trained and trained with a high level to offer their expertise in all areas that require security, and adapting to each situation is appropriate.


All ATTAC courses are taught with knowledge of international and national entities in the security area, with MEC recognized certificates, SWAT enters other because ATTAC with instructors, Post Graduates in safety, becomes one of the only entities with the high level and knowledge in fact safe, whether public, private or any segment that needs ATTAC to be a huge gap in the current reality in which we live.


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