Our Internet information service aims to facilitate civil society's participation at international conferences, as well as its cooperation with international organizations. We provide information in French, English and Spanish. 5 million pages visited per year from over 170 countries.

Main headings

INFORMATION GUIDESVarious practical information guides and manuals : Delegate's Guide (about visas, list of accommodation, transport, information about Geneva, legal questions, etc.), International Organizations Guide (about the 40 main international organizations), NGO Manual, etc.

  • CALENDAR OF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCESDirectory of the main international conferences and meetings, with the option to create a personalised program based on calendar dates, areas of interest, as well as other information :

  • LEGAL SEARCH ENGINE & CONVENTIONS (Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, etc.)A legal search engine providing esay access to international law and convention, as well as to the international obligations of any country : .

  • INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION PORTALMore than 1'000 useful Internet links covering all the international organizations and activities of the international arena (humanitarian issues, health issues, economy, environment, intellectual property, human rights, etc.) .

  • GENEVA PORTALA link for accessing information on local Geneva: practical information, leisure, tourism, economy, etc. :

  • INFORMATION PLATFORMThe Information Platform enables organizations interested in international cooperation to present themselves, to share information, to present their projects, and to seek partners for different areas of activity throughout the world :

  • Latest News (including conference summaries)

  • Projects and Partners

  • Volunteers

  • Discussion Forums

  • INTERNATIONAL GENEVA FOR SCHOOLSInformation website for secondary schools (12-18 years old), with numerous on-line resources: thematic files, interviews, games, visits, etc. (in French) :

  • ORGANIZATIONS DATABASEAccess to an on-line database with over 6'000 organizations accross the World : Database.

  • SUPPORT FUNDWebsite presenting the support fund and allowing on-line contributions :

  • WORLD CIVIL SOCIETY FORUMThe website of the World Civil Society Forum held in 2002 in Geneva, which brought together the main international organizations and non-governmental stakeholders to strengthen international cooperation :

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