We are partners with Republic of Albania Central Bureau

Investigation. http://www.centre-atm.com

In partnership with the Ministry of Interior (Internal Audit Service SH.KB)

Also in continuous cooperation with the structure as

Interpol, Europol, etc.

Prevention, detection, documentation and preliminary investigation of criminal offenses committed by employees of the State Police, regardless of their position and rank, for crimes in the exercise of power consumed, and because of it. The inspection of the work of all structures State Police compliance with applicable legislation and standards required, to ensure accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. The center is an independent organization established in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania. It carries out its activity in accordance with national and international laws and in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations within and outside the country, for a better development of its facility. The center has the right to open branches in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania. It organizes conferences, symposia, seminars, and various activities with professionals in different fields, domestic and foreign.The head office of the investigation is known, and the Agency for the Promotion of Civil Society (ASCS). Central Bureau of Investigation is Recognised by the Agency for the Support of Civil Society.

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