H. E. Dr. Renato Santos Figueiredo.

Ex-military Brazilian Army career formed by this-Three
Hearts, MG,
-Ex Security Consultant Brasilianos & Associados
Occupational Safety Tec, registered at the Work Ministry.
-Experience On Security and electronic security systems.
-Experience In Corporate Risk Analysis, Brasiliano method
-Secretary General for Brazil's Corporation Euro-American Seguridad-
Spain and Director of the Company CEAS courses Vocational Ltd. (Current).
Professional Certificate in International Seguridad "CPSI" -CEAS (Spain)

-Ex-Military career of the Brazilian Army for more than 12 years and
given the low degree of Second Sergeant and held various positions
the units in which he served.
-Wide Experience in the surveillance area, and Asset Security
Services. Having exercised the Security Supervisor functions
Equity, equity Chief of Security and Labour and Manager
Services-sized company in the communications segment.
-Experience In the planning and execution of training programs
Vigilant and good knowledge in safety and protection
-Experiente In contract administration, coordination and supervision
service providers.
-Experience In risk management, identification, analysis,
development and monitoring responses, to lessen
probability and impact of risks. -Knowledge Systems
electronic security (CCTV, ALARM, ACCESS CONTROL, ETC.)

-Experience In Corporate Risk Analysis, Brasiliano method

(12) BRAZILIAN ARMY - I was promoted to Second
Sgt. In several positions during the years I was in
active in the units where serve.
(05 / 1987-02 / 1992) - SHEET SAO PAULO-NOW SHEET
AM S / A.
National company of large communications segment.
Positions held:
Property Security Advisor - 2 years
Asset Security chief and Labor - 2 years
Security- manager one year
To the positions:
-implantation, training and coordination of the entire Security
Company, including the fire brigade.
Successfully -Implementation Security Corps, including
Surveillance departments and Ordinance, Prevention and Fire Fighting and
Reception, departments made up of over 150 professionals.
Successfully -Implementation of all the front desk of the company,
receptionists and property agents, this function, created by me,
including the implementation of a computerized access control, including
by using turnstiles and the use of buttons on the ratchet, allowing
a control of information when employee input or
-Creating To the security department of an internal regulation
surveillance, with standards of conduct and procedures. -Responsible for
making the Relay range for body and Vigilantes
Firefighters, according to the CLT.
-Implementation Of training courses for the Watchers, receptionists,
Equity and Fire Brigade officers, including constant
shooting training for guards.
-setting For the company of a ABANDONMENT PLAN, with a view
possible evacuation of the building.
-In Occupational Safety area, was responsible for policy
prevention of occupational accidents in the company.
-Creating And coordination of training courses brigade prevention and
fire fighting, to the company's employees.
How Services Manager, some of my main tasks was
monitoring of works on site, preparation of plans
preventive maintenance on the building area, supervision and coordination of her hand
labor outsourcing, especially in cleaning and conservation
building and transport department.
(1994-1997) - Vitess IND. PERFUMES LTDA- Company
Exercised Position: Managing Partner
(1998 to 2002) - SMELL OF EARTH IND. AND WITH. LTD - Company
National midrange. Exercised Position: Managing Partner
(2002-2008) - Riely COM. And REP. LTDA - National Company
Exercised Position: Managing Partner
(2009) - Brasilianos & Associates - Consulting Company and
Training Integrated Security.
Function: Security Consultant
Main activities: consultants, Consulting, Risk Analysis
Corporate, Planning, Management and Systems Management
Integrated Security, which are all activities aimed at the
several industrial segments, such as, pharmaceutical, teaching,
electronics, etc.
Major consulting projects undertaken:

PhD in Human Rights
(2010) - exercised throughout the year of 2010 the Director of functions for
Brazil from Escuela Latino Americana de Seguridad, INCASI-
(2011 - Present) - Secretary-General for Brazil Corporación Euro
American Seguridad, CEAS-INTERNATIONAL (Spain) and Director
Professional Training School CEAS-BRAZIL.
CONGRESS-I attended the First Meeting of Latin American Leaders
de Seguridad Integral on days 1, 2 and 3 July / 2010-Quito / Ecuador.
(2015) Course of Accreditation in Chaplaincy Volunteer-UNIPAS
(2015) Bachelor Degree in Theology -Course-School Entre Rios
(2015) Course of Graduate Bachelor Theology-Philemon School
(2014) Course of Bachelor Degree in Philosophy-Philemon School
(2013) -Master Superior en Dirección de Seguridad International (España)
(2012) -Course Graduate International en Dirección de Seguridad-DIDS

(2012) -Course Diploma Superior en Dirección de Seguridad International
(2012) -Course Gestión de Operaciones de Proteccion VIP-CEAS
(2012) Extension -Course senior management in International- Security
Faculty Einstein-FACEI
(2011) -Course "Senior Management en Seguridad International" -CEAS
(2011) -Certificate Professional International Seguridad (CPSI) -CEAS
(2010) International -Certificación Seguridad en-HS-400 (CEPSI) -INCASI-

(2010) -CFTV and Scan Images-16 hours-Brasiliano & Associados
(2009) -Management Marketing strategic- 15 hours -Catho
(2009) -Management of projects - 15 hours-Catho
(2009) -Management of Information Technology-15 hours-Catho
(2009) -Management of Human Resources 15-hours-Catho
(2008) -Management Team-CATHO.
(2008) Extension -Course "Fire Protection" - Escuela Superior
Technical del Ejercito Argentino.
(2001) -Direction and Business Administration - Management & America
Business Administration Institute.
(1990) -Security Balance, Planning and Control -Strong
(1990) -Training Brigade Training Fire-SESI
(1990) Specialisation in Asset-CDRH Safety
(1989) -Combat Fire and First Aid-2 GI
(1987) -Management in Balance -INEP Security
(1985) Safety -Chefia Balance -PLANAUDIS.
(1985) Safety -Supervisor Labour-Fundacentro / SESI.
(1983) - Specialization in Photo-Interpretation ESIE
(1982) - Information Course Information and Counter-12th Army Brigade
(1978) - Sergeants Training Course Army-this
(1977) Course of Training Surveillance-Petrobras-RPNE.

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