H. E. Dr. Edson Carvalho De Luna Freire.

Education: Doctor of Human Rights - Bachelor Social Communication - Journalism
Occupation: Professor Arts, poet, writer and journalist.
Currently: President of Niteroiense Academy of Fine Arts Letters and Sciences ANBA
Currently: Honorary Chairman of Fluminense School of Fine Arts LIPA
Currently: Vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Science Literature and Arts FEBACLA
Receive the Commendation of Merit Juscelino Kubitschek President in the degree of Commander of C91
FALASP in Iguaba Grande on June 3, 2009
Effective partner of Niteroiense Association of Journalists 2009
Receives the title of Honorary Academician of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Iguaba
Great Honorary Member of the Cabo Frio Arts Academy ARTPOP
Honorary Chancellor of FALASP RJ, Niteroi.
Receives the Medal Doctor José Clemente Pereira most Citations House
City of Niteroi on May 19, 2008.
Receive the Commendation of the Brazilian Association of Design and Visual Arts of Rio de Janeiro.
Receives the Grand Cross of the Order ABD.
Possession of the Advisory Board of the Writers' Association Niteroiense,
Honorary Fellow of the Institute of History and Geography of Niteroi.
Possession of new Knights and Dames of the Most Noble, and Sovereign Dynastic Order of
Our Lady Knights of St. Mary of Buenos Aires OSMBAOutorgado, EN
Aero and Space A. Santos "Dumont"
Cultural Council of Plastic Arts Management Receives the title of Marquis Korestia
Herodotus Alexandros Io, O.S + G.,
Guest of Honour Hall of Plastic Arts Luiza dos Santos Lopes city of Resende
September 27, 1985.
Brazilian Association of Design and Visual Arts ABD Receives Gold Medal

Culture Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro RJ 31 March 1986
Brazilian Association of Design and Visual Arts ABD Receives Gold Medal DNA
International connection Visual Arts ABD ABL, on June 30, 1987 at the Academy
Brazilian Letters Rio de Janeiro RJ 31 March 1986
Guest of Honour at the 2nd National Exhibition of Plastic Arts of the Environment Museum
Army Fort Copacabana Fort in April 20, 2005
Brazil Navy War College Naval Guest of Honour on the 3rd Salon of Plastic Arts
The Naval War College Rio de Janeiro RJ on June 7, 2005
Naval and Brazilian Association of Sommeliers Club Guest of Honour 5th Hall
Arts Wines and Vineyards in July 14, 2005 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Historical and Geographical Institute of Niteroi IHGN: VIII History Course in Niteroi, Class
Colonel Waston Veiga de Almeida 64 hours on July 31, 2006 Niterói RJ
Fluminense Federal University UFF: Extension Course The look of the artist
on the environment 42 hours on February 4, 2009 Niterói RJ
Receives the title of Chancellor of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters Iguaba Grande 27
May 2009
Awarded by the Federation of Academies of Letters and Arts of the State of São Paulo
FALASP, Academic Palms on July 27, 2009
Academic tenure: Letters Academy of Mantiqueira Lindenow Waters chair in paragraph 4
Patron Antonio Parreiras on September 10, 2009 Águas de Lindóia Sao Paulo
Cultural Merit by the Arts Academy of Sciences and Languages ​​of Iguaba Grande on April 28
Santa Rosa Salesian College official lecturer of paint on April 30, 2010
People column Featured Raimundo Nonato confers the Merit Diploma of Honor 25
June 2010
Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Minas Gerais ACLA Academic Regional Delegate
on September 21, 2010
Medal Zumbi dos Palmares, credit for FALASP on September 24, 2010
School of Merit Honor War on October 20, 2010
Receives Vote of applause by the city of Niterói n ° 443/11, the noble authorship

Councilman Victor Junior / 04/08/2011
Solo exhibition IFEC on January 19, 2011
Voting Praise and Recognition Orotava County on March 01, 2011
Art shows Brazil in the Foreign Ministry on May 17, 2011
CONBLA Arts class member on May 15, 2011
Sovereign Prince of Peace Order on July 29, 2011
Receives the title of Citizen Belforroxense by the city of Belford Roxo
Approved by the 2876 law decree of March 6, 2012, at Alderman Angelo Ventura.
Superintendent Art of São Gonçalo - 2013/2015
Commander Grand Luna Freire Necklace
Citizenship Officer's Inter-American Institute for the Promotion of Education, Culture and Science
Member of the World Messianic Church of Brazil
Member of the Self-Realization Fellowship
Member of the Church of St. Dominic
Founding member of the Troubadours Union of São Gonçalo (UBT)
Writes in the Journal Niterói Catholic Official Organ of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Niterói
Adviser Niteroiense Association of Writers
Niteroi Culture Councillor
Honorary member of the Historical and Geographical Institute of Niterói
Corresponding Member of the Academy of Letters Mantiqueira
Chancellor next to the Cultural Institutions and Academic Niterói-RJ Academy of Arts and Letters of Great Iguaba
Corresponding Member of the Cabo Frio Arts Academy - ARTPOP
Representative and Regional Delegate ACLA / MG
Possession Delegate ALEAV ... ACADEMY OF LETTERS Y Valpariso ARTS - CHILE.
Possession of New Knight of the Most Noble, Dynastic and Sovereign Order of the Knights of Our Lady of Santa Maria de Buenos Aires -
Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Fluminense of Fine Arts
Master and President of the Society Artistic and Cultural Nitrem Nictheroy
Niteroiense president of Academy of Fine Arts
President of the Association and Fluminense School of Fine Arts

Friend Monaco Group Culture
Friend of Poets Del Mundo Delasnieve Group Daspet
College studying Theology and Spirituality Sacred Heart of Jesus in Copacabana
Majoring in Social Communication Candido Mendes University-Journalism - TV Production
Comendador de Luna Freire receives the diploma and the Municipal Legislative Medal of Merit José Clemente Pereira In
Recognition of participation in socio-cultural aggrandizement, expressed by the public knowledge in the field of their
Activity, promoting the continued progress of the city of Niterói-Councilman Renato
Grand Cross Medal ABD
Grand Gold Necklace LIPA
Voting Praise and Recognition County La Orotava - Spain in recognition and notoriety to
Relevant services to the social, academic and cultural causes in defense of peace, morals, good ethics,
Family in the preservation of life and the Christian faith, confirming the worthiness of this congratulatory praise.
Ambassador of Peace and the UN Social in Brazil by the International Peace Committee.
Very awarded medals, trophies and honors in Brazil and abroad;

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