H. E. Dr. Eloy de Melendre Y Carrera.

Honorary Member to Spain, General Studies 6 PhD: Dr. Science Security UI Cambridge, Dr. Police Sciences ONU.- specific studies Civil Police, UN military observer, coordination of Civil-Military Command International University Rector Jobs Security (UNIVERIS ) Director Office BOOKS MADE + 2,000 Elections Analysis Libros.- 30, New techniques in criminal investigations, audits 100 Conferencias.- FUNGLODE Conference (Dominican Republic), Dr. ELOYde Melendre and Congress Conference RACE Date of birth: September 29, 1960. Military and similar jobs: Not applicable, unless expressly requested. UI Oxford, Dr. law (the law) of the American University, Dr. Political Science UI Oxford, Dr. Educational Sciences of UP Europe, Dr. Laws UI Cambridge. +18 Masters: Management, MBA, Safety Science, Intelligence, Criminal Police II, I. Environmental, S. tourism, financial crime, etc ... + 9 diplomas crisis: Law degree from the Cambridge UI, social University Graduate León ( Spain), Diploma in Criminology, Tax, Audit, Marketing, Sales & D Trade Management (Harvard), R. Prevention of Labor (URJ), Psychology Diploma (Oxford UI) Security Directorate (UI Bircham), Military Intelligence ( Oxford UI) Technical I. Crime (U. Salamanca), DSG Image, Strategic Communication and Protocol (U. INCE), etc ... Other: Dr. Honoris Causa U. Pakistan, Peru Dr. Education, Dr. Musicians national school , prominent leader International Board of Charter A. Education, Master in Natural Medicine U. Peoples Europe, etc ... The Peace Operations, Driving humanitarian aid operations, Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, International Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict Act By keeping the International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Mine Action. MILITARY AND POLICIALES.- Special Agent (National Association of Special Agents and Intelligence), Special Forces (SAS), Intercontinental personal protection for military and police officers (ETCST), International Defense Course V-VIII (Zaragoza Military Academy), protection of Special Diploma (USA), Security Police Instructor (European Training Centre Securite), Florida SWAT Association, World Organization Explosives Deactivators (EOD), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the rrtt mayor. CIVILES.- expert calligraphy and court administrator, researcher and Private Detective (Spain, USA, Brazil, DR), Researcher at the Ministry of Culture, Fire Investigator, Private Security Escort Security Manager (UPESE), International Escort (IPA, PBA and Director DOT), International Safety Advisory (International Association of Inteligencie and Security Professionals), Chief Bodyguard & Security Advisor Confederation Word, Private Detective (American Academy of Criminology), private investigator (International Association of Independent Researchers), World Association of Detectives (WAD) . Journalist International (International Union of Journalists), Specialist Armed Conflict, Negotiation kidnapping, terrorism I., Federation American Scientists (FAS), etc. International Law (DIJ) of the First Bureau of Investigation governments (PROTERINVEST) adviser to several presidents Security Advisor JCyL countries 1990-1901 Security Adviser P. Vasco, Director of Military Intelligence National School, International Security Police Deputy Chairman of Tourism Association (ISTA), President Euroamericana Security Corporation (CEAS), President S3 GROUP (special services security), international security services Ireland, Iraq, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Mexico, etc ...), making sure - Instructor: GEOS, GOE , GOPE, URI, GAULAS, AFI, ATI, Jungle, GAFE, SWAT, lynxes, wolves, coyotes, Jaguar, etc ... Foxes (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, RD, etc ...) Services Intelligence ( Ecuador, USA, Nicaragua, Brazil, RD, etc ...), Gob Security advisor. Paraguay Iraq Military Academy Superintendent RD, etc ... The War of the Future, mental disorders in Criminal Psychology, terrorism and Self-Defense explosives, kidnapping, arson investigation, prevention of alcohol consumption among young people, Protocolary Security Systems Protection Technical, Counter-Espionage, International Trading, Drug Design, 3D Intelligence, Management and Security Management, Risk Analysis, credit cards, etc .. International Prevention of Money Laundering (CIPLAD I, II, II, IV and V ) of Costa Rica, the International Security Conference Congress (CIS I, II, III, IV and V), Kidnapping Promoters Conference (Mexico) Organized Crime Conference, police and army (Nicaragua), Mon Conference. Tourist UNIBE Conference (RD) Banking World Safety Congress (Costa Rica), Military Intelligence and General Staff conference center of the Armed Forces (Argentina), Congress and Criminology Intelligence Conference Conference Agents (Honduras), Kidnapping and Reengineering Central American Conference Security Conference ( I, II and II) Security in Guatemala, kidnapping and Security Conference Security Conference in R. Dominicana, Ecuador Security Speech, Conference GAULAS Groups and Special Services (Colombia), explosive devices Terrorism Conference and Council in Malaga (Spain) Personal Safety and Security Petroleum Conference in Guatemala Banks, Research Conference fire in Colombia, kidnapping and Banking Security Conference and Conference Business School Financial Security Bolivia, S. de Monterrey (Mexico), safety World Congress in Ecuador, many interventions in television , press, radio every country, etc .... .



Dr. Ciencias Seguridad UI Cambridge, Dr. Ciencias policiales UI Oxford, Dr. Leyes (Derecho) Universidad Américas, Dr. Ciencias Políticas UI Oxford, Dr. Ciencias Educación UP Europa, Dr. Leyes UI Cambridge. Presidente Corporación Euroamericana Seguridad (CEAS-INTERNACIONAL), Reitor Universidad Internacional Seguridad (UNIVERIS), Diretor Despacho Internacional Jurídico (DIJ), Agencia I Investigación (PROTERINVEST), Asesor Presidentes gobiernos varios Países, Asesor Seguridad JCyL.1990 / 01, Asesor Seguridad P . Vasco, Director Escuela Nacional Inteligencia Militar, Subdiretor de Policía, Presidente da Associação Internacional Seguridad Turística (ISTA), Presidente S3 GROUP (Serviços Especiais de Segurança), servicios seguridad internacional, Irlanda, Iraque, Colômbia, Iugoslávia, México, etc ...), Certificador - Instrutor: GEOS, GOE, GOPE, URI, GAULAS, AFI, ATI, SELVA, GAFE, SWAT, Linces, Lobos, chacais, Jaguar, Zorros, etc ..., (Colômbia, Equador, México, Peru, RD, etc .. .) Servicios Inteligencia (Equador, EUA, Nicarágua, Brasil, RD, etc ...), Asesor Seguridad Gob. Irak Academia Militar Paraguai, Superintendencia RD, + 30 Libros.- Análisis Elecciones 2.000, Nuevas Técnicas en la Investigación Penal, La Guerra del Futuro, Trastornos mentales en la Psicologia Criminal, Terrorismo, Artefactos Explosivos y Autoprotección, Secuestros, Investigación de Incendios, Prevención de consumo de álcool en los jóvenes, Seguridad Protocolaria, Sistemas Técnicos de Protecção, espionaje-Contraespionaje, Negociacion Internacional, Drogas de Diseño, Inteligencia 3D, Dirección y Gestión Seguridad, Análisis de RIEGOS, Tarjetas Crédito, etc ..



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