Honorary Member - Brazil. Law - FIG International College of Guarulhos - completed in 2005. • Graduate Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (completed) • Graduate Criminal Skill & Forensic Sciences (concluding) Professional Experience • Stage Federal Court from 2001 to 2003. • Advocacy - ongoing processes, customer service person and telephone (stage) - beginning period 2001-2005. • • Right Bachelor (UNIFIG) 2005 and Post Graduate in Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law and (UNIFIG). • • Advocacy Caires & Santos from 1999 to 2007. • Stage Federal Justice from 2001 to 2003. • Member of the CRECI Leaders - Sector Loteameto • Teacher training courses. • EXPERT JUDICIAL THE FOLLOWING FORUMS • Legal Expert 8th Federal Court of Work - Guarulhos-SP • Legal Expert 9th Federal Court of Labor -Capital SP. • Legal Expert 34th Federal Court of Labor -Capital SP • Legal Expert 1st Civil Court of Sao Miguel Paulista-SP • Legal Expert 6th Civil Court of the District of Guarulhos, SP • Legal Expert 3rd Court of Family and Succession Guarulhos-SP • Judicial Perio 2nd Civil Court of Marinque SP • Single of Legal Expert Stick Santa Branca - SP • Legal Expert of the 58th Labor Court SP • Law Offices throughout Brazil and abroad. • TV Broadcasters - BAND & RECORD NETWORK • banks Qualifications and Enrichment Activities • grafotecnia Expert (National Council of Experts Judiais the Federative Republic of Brazil). • Documentoscopia Expert (Civil Intelligence) • Expert and Survey in property valuation. (National Council of Experts Judiais the Federative Republic of Brazil). • Legal Expert - Conpej: 02.00.0023 • TTI. Realtor - creci 83562- f • Shooting Course sized Weapon - Qualycop • Arbitrator and Conciliator - TASP. ricardocairesperitojudicial@yahoo.com.br

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