We are partners CEAS-INTERNATIONAL is an association of freemembership, democratic in its functioning, pluralistic, non-partisan for the defense,promotion, partnership and dissemination of security in the broad and generic senseof the word.Our main objective is the exchange of aid projects, training,promotion, teaching and the like that give prestige to the Companies and professionalsglobal security.To achieve this purpose, CEAS efforts are aimed at supporting theoperation and development of:- Public Security Corporations and government agencies on LawJustice;- Companies providing private security services in allmodalities;- Institutions and companies claiming or using such services, andSocial organizations and concerned citizens and engaged in contributing to theimproving security conditions in the national environment.CEAS is an institution that contributes significantly to social welfare,Through the development of the safety culture in the World, has theknowledge and social acceptance in the field, and is the preferred option and priorityas a service provider for all kinds of public and private organizationsthis area.Objectives:The Euro American Security Corporation has the following objectives:- Raise the concept of security to the category of Career withpossibility of reaching a level of Doctorate Degree in The Hague Apostille.- Provide practical measures to prevent all kinds of incidents, usingvarious educational and training methods.- Encourage all kinds of entities and individuals to the use of preventive measures,obtaining as much information as possible about prevention and safety to have heravailable to its members.- Know the needs of countries, entities and individuals associated toprovide guidance for solving their problems.- Communicate innovations, discoveries and information gained in thedifferent areas of interest in the prevention and security.Strategic Objectives:I. Positioning and stable organization rooted in the social context.II. Provision of services to the organization.III. Ensure the financial viability and existential continuity of the organization.International supportTo meet its objectives, CEAS has direct and ongoing supportIndirect its more than 10,000 members associated with presence in more than 100countries, many sobressalientes specialists and experts in thewide range of security services, which contribute their knowledge andExperience in practice the organization and its members, with the supportWebsite complementary on-site International CEAS.So INTERNATIONAL CEAS, is set to a NonGovernmental, educational, independent, free membership, democratic in itsfunctioning, pluralistic, non-profit oriented support IndustryPrivate Security and the institutions.

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