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Our Mysteries of Initiation Institution is the front door to those who
wish to follow the path of awakening of consciousness and the search for truth
through reason. Based on the analysis of the four pillars of development
human and socio-cultural knowledge, be:
. Art, Science, Philosophy and Religion through a new vision of events
the world, our teaching method takes the enrollee to cover a
number of issues that have divided the four areas mentioned, in view of the point
lighting free of prejudice, bigotry and ignorance, the method Weishaupt
in test can achieve a broader understanding of yesterday, the company's
and tomorrow also. Thus, each member is individually do a soul searching
and it exposes to the outside world all the knowledge acquired in the theory and
practice of our education, so that true happiness is obtained changes
interiors that reflect outside. Thus, each individual makes his own world a
better place, and the community to make a more just, supportive and true. http://www.ordoilluminati.it/

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