His Excellency Honorary Member - Army General Commander - Hristo Georgiev Boyadzhiev.

H. E. General Hristo Georgiev Boyadzhiev. Honorary Member to Republic og Bulgary

From 2000 to now, the Bulgarian - Ukrainian Cossack Union and Alliance Commandos Bulgarian and International Conterterrorist & Central Academy and Sports Club "Golden Star"

President and owner ,ARMY GENERAL, PRESIDENT OF WORLD COSSACKS UNION : Alians Bulgarian Commandos : Director World International Counter Terrorist Center & Academia : President Bulgarian – Ukrainian Cossacks Union and Sport club Golden star

From 2008 to now, Grand Prior, Grand Prince of the Netherlands province of Friesland, Grand Prior of the Knights Templar of the COSTA RICA ;SAN HOSE, Grand Master of the Knights Order of St. George BG.

Grand Master, Great Prince


From 1964 to 1968 Secondary vocational technical school / construction, Construction of furnaces and isolation /

technician and master builder

From 2004 to 2007 Kiev Free University / Menedzhmant business and public organizations / Bakalavar From 2007 to 2008 External Management - Economic Activities, Magistar

Management of human resources

Principal subjects / occupational skills

Specialist in martial arts ninth dan black belt! Specialist Special shootings! Suprime Grand Master.Prof/Dr martial arts


English, Russian, Serbo - Horvath, Bulgarian

Personal skills and competences




English, Russian, Serbo - Horvath


Good, basic


Good, basic


Good, basic

Social skills and competences

Master of Sports / Weightlifting / and / bodybuilding / and / Prof/Dr.martial arts / Coach, Instructor, sportsman

Organisational skills and competences.

Management of human resources.

World Intellectual Property Organization

United States of America

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