Chief Executive Officer of the Publishing Bueno
books and magazines martial that is no longer
in the market. Are 17 years of many subjects, diagramming
and photos, and more than one million copies
distributed at newsstands and bookstores in Brazil.
If, in 2015, the martial arts living a moment of effervescence
and they are offered in gyms across the country in the decade
90, a time when Fabio started, the context was different: on the
violence and prejudice.
In the 1970s, when Emerson Bernardo master created
first titles in Rio de Janeiro, the market was even more closed.
Publications brought more articles that matters, because
there is no martial columnists. Several of them were even translated
from English into Portuguese.
With the implementation of Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Kickboxing
in Brazil, the segment scooped new practitioners. In 1978, the magazine
Do, edited by Jan Lee Woo master, increased disclosure
and brought the debut cover the master Hong Soon Kang.
Between 1980 and 1990, there were other games and books, as
Combat Sport, Kiai and Top Fight, who proposed the deal on Kung
Fu, Hapkido, Krav Maga and other modalities.
At this stage, Fabio Bueno has worked in a studio that catered
some publishers in the country, such as scale, producing magazines
ecotourism, information technology, sport fishing and etc. In late
Ahead of Bueno Publisher,
editor intends to strengthen
ties with federations and
other entities
1990 its then editor in chief, Fabio Kataoka, a black belt in Karate,
He identified the lack of titles dedicated to martial arts in
stalls and the fact Bueno have affinity for the subject and for
practiced Full Contact and Taekwondo, entrusted him with the mission of creating
a magazine. Thus was born, in 1998, Inside Kumite by publisher
Millennium, with 25,000 copies distributed every two months
throughout Brazil.
The title alone remained on active duty for one year
and had six editions. According to Fabio Bueno, not
last long because of editorial failures.
Kataoka and Bueno launched a new magazine, this
occasionally publishing house, completely restructured and
with an emphasis on traditional martial arts. It was the turn
Magazine Fighter of the invading printed scenario. THE
magazine was a huge success and lasted more than six
years and 21 editions, all 25 thousand copies.
With the Fighter, the publisher gained notoriety and
respect teachers and teachers. After it produced
Shaolin Gong Fu, Self Defense Collection, Collection
Martial arts, launched by the Online Publisher in
Brazil and Europe. This series was so successful that
It sold out quickly, as to have been reprinted
and redistributed.
In mid-2000, as a collaborator of the scale,
He did several books. In 2009, after many years working in São
Paul for major publishers, found that the time had come
opening his own office. The decision was supported by the
wife, Elaine Ferreira, who had just left to run
a bank and took over the company's business.
The Bueno Publisher was founded in Santos, on the southern coast of São Paulo,
in order to be a reference in the production of books and magazines
martial arts in Brazil and design services, advisory
marketing and press.
The Master, one of the first betting is conceptualized as
only magazine in Brazil that addresses the key modalities. His
Cases have been starring Fábio Goulart (Taekwondo), Lyoto
Machida (Karate and MMA), Victor Penalber (Judo), Rosicleia Fields
(Judo), Natalia Falavigna (taekwondo), Tainara Lisbon (Muay Thai),
among others.
Also in 2009, the director of Bueno dared to put on sale
an unpublished book of biographies of martial artists, the Great
Masters of Martial Arts in Brazil. "The GM Carlos Silva and Dr. Jose
Augusto Maciel Torres showed me the great masters books
edited in the United States, and suggested edit and produce a
similar work here. I had to revamp the entire model for
adapt to our reality, "he says.
Today, the work is a national reference and has already been sent
to more than 20 countries, through its participants.
There are seven editions and more than 700 biographees.
For 2016, the author aims to increase the number of
contemplated a way to continue honoring
big names and get more educators of anonymity,
giving them due recognition.
The director of Bueno also continued collaborating
with other publishers, producing the Roadmap
Fisherman and Octagon Magazine (MMA) for Fontana,
the Brazilian tattoo Almanac for Scale,
In 17 years of toil, we had about 20 titles
between magazines and martial arts books. Always involved
with some project, Bueno, as it is called,
He had been aware of the staggering
it has achieved. "I've been focused for years on the job,
when I stopped to do the math, I came across numbers
I had no idea. If you add all the runs of magazines and
books, easily surpass the house of one million copies
distributed at newsstands and bookstores in Brazil. Many people me
discusses the events and comments that have my magazines and books
stored with care, and who started the martial life for influence
from them. This is very rewarding, "he says.
Seven years ago with Bueno Publisher, is dedicated to strengthening
ties with associations and other entities. "Our products are
constantly evolving. The Bueno Publisher is not a simple
producing books and magazines, we offer marketing advice
and we have tools for confederations, federations, teachers
and teachers grow and achieve their goals, "he concludes. http://www.buenoeditora.com.br/

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